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We will publish some Q & A in the order they do arise within our network, Later on we will organize them in fields of interest.

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Q 1. Love making along practice sessions? Will we see it?

A 1. I mostly will suggest practitioners if they would go a step forward from foreplay to love making to do that privately, as that is the intention we hold in our space. While if the play circle is in agreement, they are welcome to make love in the practice room.

 Any case when we work on a practice session, time is eventually limited and every one wishes to learn practices methods, have experiences, play together. A session is dedicated to a learning process, an exploration session, for which members or public might pay a fee; so if couples would like to focus on themselves they are welcome to, but for respect to other participants i always invite them at the beggining of the training to find own private space. There are 9 meters from the practice room to their private rooms.
I think for long seminars of 9 days, i would set program that every one would make love along morning, afternoon and night sessions, that would be the ideal model for those play circles ready for that rhythm and at such a stage of dedication to their practice. But not in a 90 min session or 12 hours session.
I also find it enjoyable to see and perceive a love making couple, but there is a time and place for everything.

Q.2. Do you practice naked ?
A.2.  We ask each circle how do they feel comfortable everytime, if there is an agreement might be possible. But in general, according to our dances structure,  it is just from dance 7 on where practice naked body is suggested.  Sometimes the dance 1 will be enough for lovers to foreplay, let clothes off and eventually make love,  this is the journey you will learn on our sessions. While the art of prime love will be learned deeply when we follow a little structure and go stage by stage along all 9 dances, 9 fields, 9 stages of love and so on. I intent to create along seminar enough free space to participants that they do explore freely according to own nature.  SO even there is some structure is always alot more space for improvisation and self exploration. Our structure give to us only a starting point. To feel free to explore and enjoy, is the key, it is leisure time!

Q. 3.  What about the G spot, will we play with it ?
A. 3.  We go step by step, not straight to the G spot but i promise you, G spot is included in the Journey.  Here you will see the nine dances of love. 

Q.4. I have a boyfriend, do i need to practice to somebody else?
A.4. Not at all. If you have a boyfriend there is a love bound between you both, that is the perfect field to practice love making and forplay consciously with the heart. Remember we do not practice conscious sex, nor detachment nor tantra or similar. We are about to empower love relationship and family.

Q.5. What if we are an open poliamory circle?
A.5. From case to case i might suggest to all of you particular exercises, but as you will see (multiple marriage, open relationships)  in some cases an open relationship, does not mean all of you love each other, so how would you decide to play all together? I think we must have a brief meeting your whole love circle and i, and talk about along a coaching session in order to personalize to your love circle a learning process without forcing in any of you any emotional or body interaction, unless you all wish for it.

Q.6. what’s this foreplay thing? What’s the level of spirituality? If a bunch of people are having sex, its messed up. But if it’s to do with something that makes a person better. Im no sure. Please explain.
A.6.  There is no bunch of people having sex, that is not my design of the work. The participants focus is on training dances, meditation, arts and other practices that will help them become more conscious and learn meditative conscious love making. Our practices are about conscious love making, conscious conception and family. The level of spirituality is of level 9 i call it prime love, it is of union with divine source of all that is That is the aim of the work, and the journey participants join) http://all-you-need-is-love.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info/?page_id=730
I ask participants at the beginning of the session what they do  want to experience as group process. and let them feel free to do what they feel right.
There is a set of preliminary practices they focus on at the begining. After the participants reached certain foundation wished for them to interact with each other,  they could if wished and felt right for the circle and each of them, while the dance practice love making.
But i I suggest them love making as a private practice (See Q.1.)
The level practices is meditative, very high as possible with a simple technique that will bring the person to a  state of consciousness feeling alive, happy,  in self love and love joy, gratefulness.
Participants also choose where to start and what to do, no one is forced to join a circle to practice or learn, and we have several alternatives according to interests, if private or group sessions, or small circle of firends… here is the list of possible choices.

 Q.7.  Making love should only happen between two. Unless the couple agrees to have another lover of theirs. And it should be done in secret.
A.7.  When we embrace and connect with the heart with somebody, that is possible only with one person, not two or more, that heart to heart connection. That is a sign of some conditions for conscious love making. But the play circles, or a circles of lovers exist and is practiced by many, and it is also an expression of love; while they might make love together, they could also make love every time only between 2, from case to case it is not the same. They themselves must set own choices and agreements. The training we offer would support singles, as lovers, couples and play circles or love circles to make love consciously.

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“if human kind religion would be love, which one would be our daily practice: ? Meditative Conscious Love Making as for empowering peace, love relationships, family, community, culture, life care, heritage " – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken