Online Private Mentoring & Training


Online Mentoring & Training

Foreplay Society Private Circles World Wide

Meditative Conscious Love Making, is a practice for peace, family, community, culture, life care. Its practice is dedicated to the future as human kind, it is heritage for following 9 generations.

May love, self love, greatfulness, joy, honesty, transparency, fun, happiness, celebration, sacredness, be the blessing of every day!


Couples, lovers, and play circles, are welcome to join a complete mentoring and online training program on meditative conscious love making. Meet your foreplay circle, while on Skype assisted by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, you will receive advice, answers to your questions and follow guided practices; plus have access to the self study materials and programs of the Foreplay Society Online.

Services Included

With guided practices monitored by a Skype video-audio stream, we will provide to you:

FOREPLAY SOCIETY is an international private network (only for members) founded online in 2015 dedicated to the study, research and practice of meditative conscious love making. It is a global peace, culture, family, community, heritage and sustainable living care project.


We give a personalized attention to our new members. Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken will welcome you along a private interview on skype, for you to join us, please schedule it through our e-mail address.



  • You need only 3 members in order to create a circle, 3 singles, or a play circle of 3, or just a couple of 2.  Just contact us



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“if human kind religion would be love, which one would be our daily practice: ? Meditative Conscious Love Making as for empowering peace, love relationships, family, community, culture, life care, heritage " – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken