Shared House

The Shared House Project is dedicated to 

our internship, standard and individual programs

The intensity of living together combined with the 9 stages of love and 9 dances of love, daily yoga, foreplay circle, creates a wonderful process of personal development.

Beside the study, practice and research on meditative conscious love making; each of the housemates develop own professional activity. Business and collaboration network and training are also provided weekly. 

Personalized Conditions:

  • Housemates decide which intensity of learning process they do prefer: 100% (24 hrs x 7 days ), or (9 hrs x 5 days) or (3 hrs x 3) days; they share house expenses according to participation and commitment level, for 3 months upto 1 year, and have a personalized learning and mentoring program.
  • Single mothers or parents receive child care day, a service created by the house members.
  • Raw vegan, is our ideal lifestyle.
  • Sustainable living, wishing for window and garden farming.

FOREPLAY SOCIETY is an international private network (only for members) founded online in 2015 dedicated to the study, research and practice of meditative conscious love making. It is a global peace, culture, family, community, heritage and sustainable living care project.

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“if human kind religion would be love, which one would be our daily practice: ? Meditative Conscious Love Making as for empowering peace, love relationships, family, community, culture, life care, heritage " – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken