Prime Love

Once we love one, we will never stop loving him, her, it, them. To stop loving would be to reppress or suppress underpress  and reject love, which will be a self damage, self hurt. Reason of most of the trauma along or after love relationships is that individuals try to stop loving the lover as for the pain they decide to create as for the separation perceived. But when one realizes there is no separation and one see that love can be lived expressed in other forms, then the pain desapears. The practice of love imply enjoyment and gratefulness for the joy and happiness of the ones we love, and supporting conditions necessary for him, her or them to be happy according to their own choices and preferences. The fact we love some one does not imply a relationship in terms of walking together the lines of the palm of their hands. One can love somebody it does not mean need to be together for ever. Love we do not choose, it takes place, appears, happeneds, but relationship, sex practice and making love practices we can choose.
Is the practice of self worth, self care, self nurturing, foundation for joy, happiness and freedom; developed based on union within of own inner male and female principles. The individual foundation of union in one self, union with the source of all that is, in own heart and all expressions of own consciousness. (see 9 stages of love)
The practice of self love is key for changing the perception of a love relationship as that one that give us the experience of love, joy and happiness. As well as  fundamental for realizing that love making is not limited to the experience of the body but of the heart, should and inner divine source (see 3 stages of the golden sphere of love).
Self love applied at family, culture, nation or global level would imply a change of the self expression of the development practices, it will define strategies for life care, life sustainability, and heritage that matches the feeling and intention of self love. Self love would change our world ( see 9 roses of love, 9 levels of practice according the collective self awareness ).
PEACE & LOVE – All you need is love campaign developed by the FOREPLAY SOCIETY
Is dedicated to suggest the practice of meditative conscious love making, with the heart, as the path for peace, life care, heritage and sustainable living in our modern world, the upgrade of culture into a culture based on peace and love as for the individuals understanding of life principles, laws and nature coming out of the experience of the practice of meditative conscious love making.
The practice of prime love, imply dedication to love and and self love with awareness of the organic light tissue. This particular awareness is developed through the practice of the 9 dances of love.  For prime love the term love integrates in itself tow dynamic: love for others and self love, but as well prime yoga, meditative conscious love making, union with the source of all that is have been and will be within our hearts.
The organic light tissue 
The purpose and function of the bound of love, the sensitivity of it regarding lovers behaviour, choices, states of consciousness, self transformation, preferences, dedication and commitment to the love relationship will be the key for the development of the relationship. It means the references is what does the lovers cocreate as for the organic light tissue creates a womb, that is nurtured by all they are and do, think, feel, choose, prefer in any moment. (see Golden Family)
Focus, Key
The golden womb of prime love is a womb of cocreation, manifestation, the practice of prime love is dedicated to cocreation, as for its divine nature; from conscious children conception to cocreation of arts, projects, community and culture, nation and history. The reference for choices and behaviour, is the stability of the golden prime womb. For example: when the golden prime womb becomes unestable or the nurturing substances flow away of it as for one of the lovers flirt or engage own attention to another individual or lover or event or possibility, the energy assigned to care and nurture the golden prime womb is shifted to another womb created with another lover. Which creates the unestability of the prime golden womb.
Relationship Frame
Practices of love described at 1,5,9 & 9+ are aware of the golden womb and dedicate themselves to care for it, by applying own practices and methods. agreements on rules discipline, self-awareness, emotional self management, decision making that will be dedicated to care for the prime golden womb stability there for the unfolding of the cocreative process and manifestation. The cocreative force starts from an inner vision of the heart, at any stage of love it might be applied, and can be called a dream or pulse or field or morphic field, or frequency and pattern or template, blue print that defines the creation, or manifestation.
While in order to reach the choice or preference of prime love, its practitioners might have had several of other experiences (0-9), most of the prime lovers have borned with the sensitivity and live their lifes looking for prime love
Mystic Love to Prime Love
The practice of prime love imply the interest into the experience of mystic love and integration of it as practice for lovers, conscious love making, prime yoga, union with the source of all that is. Following the 5 development stages and 9 stages of love.
Development of the prime golden womb
Its practice will imply that for example, one of the strategies would be to prepare with cocreative dream and vision, the idea of the wished manifestation (as we said, a child, project, or culture or social event) and for one year align own self to its creation, then by the practice of conscious love making and applying the cycle of nature of the sun and the moon, reach he point of conception, then nurturing gestation, birth, life care and sustainable development of the manifestation.
The practice of prime love focus on conscious self awareness and honesty regarding how, when, with whom is cocreated and what is cocreated (see 9 stages of love9 jewels of love9 roses of love9 fields of love5 development stages3 golden sphere of love stages)
The ability of the lovers to care for the prime golden womb is key to define the form of the love relationship, If the lovers are capable to create a multiple marriage or practice as gods and goddesses of love or expand the love embrace to a love relationship
Choosing a lover
For example if both lovers in a couple have the ability to care responsibly for the prime golden womb at all stages of its development will be then the right match, but what if one of them is capable to develop responsible only one or two stages? How to know? the preliminary time of love before the starting point of process of manifestation should be dedicated to evaluate if the lovers are capable of the practice of the prime golden womb or not at all stages necessary and of the enhancement of this ability.
The choice of a lover is defined by the lover ability to practice responsibly the art of cocreation, manifestation, at all its stages
Preliminary Practices
The art of meditative conscious love making is the main practice, as for the preliminary practices for its enhancement ( see the 9 roses of love, the 9 fields of lovepreliminary practices @ the FOREPLAY SOCIETY )
May love and self love nurture the golden culture of human kind.

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“if human kind religion would be love, which one would be our daily practice: ? Meditative Conscious Love Making as for empowering peace, love relationships, family, community, culture, life care, heritage " – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken