The Sacred Love & Conscious Conception, is the Path of the Golden Sphere of Love

It Is dedicated for couples in love, divine lovers, that choose to express their sexuality in its divine modality.

In the experience of divine love, and prime love, for each other,  the couple will engage into practices that will make possible for them to to integrate their heart based self-awareness and consciousness into daily life,  24/7,

Sexuality understood as expression of prime love, is not attached to the experience of the body. While the core experience of divine extasis out of the self-integration, self union in prime source heart, is expanded in the prime love based interaction of the lovers.

The practices focus on three stages:

0. Preliminary practices

1.  Practices dedicated to self-integration, union with own prime heart, and mastery of own sexuality as an expression of love and self love in union with own prime heart.

2. Practices dedicated to sexuality for which the interaction, contact between the organic bodies is not necessary. Love is experienced, as well as conscious love making beyond the body. Soul, divine, heart based, daily life love is the core of this stage practice

3. Preparation for conscious conception of children, through renewing the practice of sacred sexuality without organic body interaction/contact and with organic body interaction/contact.

The three practices are also associated to the practice of the mastery of the golden dragon, for family, and love. As the creation of the necessary conditions for  building up a love relationship, as for entering as a couple the state of prime self union, and for sacred conception and care for family, are interdependent with the ability to master the stability of an emotional and energetic field that involves and nurtures the lovers field, as well as to master the earth-based conditions (to ride the golden dragon), necessary for the sustainability of the lovers relationship, the achievement of a state of union with prime source, the creation of a family and its unfolding as for itintegrated into a family house or creating a family house itself.

As self responsible individuals, aware of the importance of creation of a conscious field blue print of love inherited to following generations, the lovers engage daily into divine love practices, divine perception and divine action.

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“if human kind religion would be love, which one would be our daily practice: ? Meditative Conscious Love Making as for empowering peace, love relationships, family, community, culture, life care, heritage " – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken