TRIAL ACTIVITY – Play with Fire




Use colours, textures, perfume, snacks, images, sounds, music, that triggers your fire element. Review all you need to know about the fire element on advanced. AT our intranet you will find information, charts and many other sources of inspiration. You do not need to learn it intellectually, just become familiar with the fire element. Remember that your whole  being already knows what fire is. You just need to trigger fire presence within you and your art of making love.


Enter the room, and find yourself within your own heart in the complete conscious experience of your body, of self love and love, in union with the core source of all that is.

Fire within your inner heart the fire substance, the liquid essence of the fire element, let it flow in your whole being, transforming yourself into fire. Your skin, your molecules, your light, your field, all around you, and you are this fire like a sun out of your heart

Feel the presence of your lover close to you, as the embodyment of the divine love, send a stream of loving heart based beam to her/him/it and welcome her/him/it within the sacred space of your heart and life, enter the state of gratefulness for this joyful moment and by honoring her/his presence with your presence, wait for her heart response.

Stay in this presence for as long you wish, feel each other, feel the space between each other, a loving sphere of love is involving you, feel your souls, your hearts, your bodies melting and becoming one.

Your liquid fire play between each other, becoming one stream of loving fire, feel how the fire sparkles all around you both, within you both, in every cell.

Listen to your heart, to your loving embrace, and dance slowly the fire, by making with your fire flames love with your lover.

Let the flames bring you together.

Let your flames touch her/his skin, and navigate his/her body in the presence of your love, call with every touch her/his inner core presence, in gratefulness, self love, love and joy; enter the warming breath of fire-love.

Feel your heart, in the embrace of love, and let your heart flow, make love in fire!



follow the same steps, but enter the stream of visualization of your lover in own energy light body, as that one that has all qualities you wish for. In the presence of your heart and love for him/her, engage into this activity. Making love means to be present in the embrace of love, love and making love is not an experience of the body but of the heart leading the body. Make love in a state without judgement. Explore in your own energy, observe what you do and enjoy the edges of your own qualities, feel that wonderful match for your life, your lover exist, tangible being, in the quantum field.


follow the same stages as for the couple, and single, and make love!


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“if human kind religion would be love, which one would be our daily practice: ? Meditative Conscious Love Making as for empowering peace, love relationships, family, community, culture, life care, heritage " – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken