The 9 Dances of Love

Dance Improv as Love ForePlay

The space of love, empowered by sacred dance improv?

What is sacred is our attitude to the encounter with the lover, the honest connecting empowering love wave.

The 9 Dances of love is dedicated to :

Honesty, transparency, trust, self-confidence, self-love, soul connection, feeling, empathy, listening, being in the moment, co-creating, playing, having fun, all you need for enjoying to make love, feeling free and open, a loving heart based presence, is meant to be played, discovered, awakened along the dance.

Dance improv is the most real authentic and safe space for learning on sacred love, and discovering that all you need is love for solving and creating anything you wish in your inner and outer world.

The 9 Dances of love is a stage by stage process that brings you from the very foundation of self expression in body emotional sensual love self awareness and body contact dance improv, up to a mystic experience of love developed and reached out of the same foundation.

Along the exploration, participants will go step by step into a deeper process of communication, self expression and co-creation while exploring on a variety of for love play games through dance improv.

The 9 Dances of love is a stage by stage process that brings you from the very foundation of self expression in body emotional sexual love self awareness and body contact dance improv, up to a mystic experience of love developed out of the same foundation.


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Between APRIL – JUNE private workshops for couples, online skype workshops,workshops for singles, and weekend seminars in the wilderness will be offered.

price for couples = prices for singles

PARTICIPANTS: Couples or singles *

(*) Singles workshops are a wonderful opportunity to meet a new lover while as well to enhance your experience and ability for love. COUPLES will enjoy private workshops or collective workshops/seminars, where only couples will join. While SINGLES will have also their own workshops. This is very important in the design of the process and experience. While some focus on love enjoyment as they have already a lover/love partner, the other ones focus on connecting and discovering each other for the first time, in a field of love. Each circle, singles and couples, need to be supported in different frame.


  • Organic Workshops are provided along 3 hours, 5, hrs or 9 hours day, or weekends seminars.
  • Online Workshops: a new experiment. Dance improv lead online by a skype trainer. Sessions of 45 min to 3×45 min


Contact us for more information. Ask your local venues to contact us and schedule a seminar or workshop for you at your location. There will be several Venues available for private workshops or collective workshops.


The 9 Dances of Love Workshops

Each of them works on basic structures (18%) and then focus on free improv. being present at the moment exploration (82%) in the dance of love.


At the introductory workshop, the 9 dances of love will be presented at their essential form through experience in the art of foreplay through dance improv.

Participants will reach a new ability of self-love, self-expression, connectedness, love, honesty, transparency, emotional sounding body self awareness, and sensuality.  The introductory workshop, is a journey back to our wildest natural self, the wiser one between all our inner lovers.

With how many forms and possibilities of self expression can you love? and start a for play for love?

THE 9 DANCES OF LOVE ( All the dances)

Here the list of the 9 tracks we enjoy to love-foreplay and explore, combine and recreated, in the present moment, through dance improv.

Each of the dances will be introduced along workshops, seminars or retreats.

0. The Inner dance of the heart,

It is dedicated to explore into the inner forces of own self and discover the emotional traces of our life that unlock the true lover within us. It empowers our ability to naturally effortless communicate through our heart presence in whole body awareness, emotions and energy. A lifting experience that is the base, foundation for all love for play and dance.

1. A. The Dance of the 9 Senses:

All is about listening. How to listen to each other and sensing each other. This dance workshop empowers the dancers and lovers into the ability of connecting and co-creating a sensual love based journey through the 9 senses. ( taste, touch, sound, smell, sight, heart, movement, vision, inner source/core )

1.B. The Dance of the 9 Elements,

is an empowering journey through the 9 elements of alchemy, and self regeneration, as a practice dedicated to re-vitalization and anti aging, but as well as journey where to discover the emotional-abilities and dance-creative inspiration and empowering flow that each of the 9 elements give to us as lovers ( water, fire, earth, wind, ether, heart, organic-sounding-light, male-female, the heart of source/own core)

2. A  The dance of the 9 Sounds (geometries) of love.

As sound is vibration and vibration is expressed through pattern and form, as well human kind, at each of its fundamental sounds and geometries, make possible a unique quality of interaction in the field of dance and love. This journey brings you deeper into the art of communication, non verbal language and co-creation.

2. B. The Dance of the 9 Wild Loving-Beasts & the 9 Magic & Mystic Loving Beasts.

Where the myth of love meets the wildest nature of humanity.  In order to free our true inner lover it is necessary a journey where to free, embrace and empower the wildest of our human-kind nature. This journey will bring you to an exploration on the emotional and sexual nature of organic wildest self. In order to free the wild animal in you and through a process of transformation bring  out of its raw nature, its wisdom, magic, power and natural self expression in the art of making love.

2.C. The 9 embraces of love.

The dance starts by connecting, in a love embrace.  The art of the embrace of love, is in its most simple form, the art of embracing our life and embracing ourselves in self love, and love; and it is as well the foundation for the journey to sacred love, mystic love, unconditional love, divine love : the art of embracing our lover as he/she/it is, will be, has been.

3.  The Dance of the 9 Forests.

Within nature, the coming back to our wildest form, as brothers and sisters of the trees, givers of life, as human kind we discover the greatest gift of being preset in time and in love. This journey will bring to you the ability of grounding in heaven and earth your empowering loving force and flow, by connecting your heart, nurturing and expanding your heart, in the presence of love.

4. The Dance of the 9 Sounding Crystals.

As an organic form, structure, the crystal is our brother and sister, its vibrational presence and quality in static but inner motion, creates a dance of interaction and reshaping, provocating a new form new crystal shape and quality to grow. The Dance of the 9 Sounding Crystals is a journey into the nature of our body, emotions, feelings, mind as creators of sound, vibration, as musical instruments, and how the forplay as dance improv integrated to sounding renew and refresh our experience, as a new quality of heart and body opening is to be experienced thans to our nature as music instruments.

5. The 9 Dances of human history.

Culture, its development and the individuals expression of it, developers of it, are the river of History. In order to discover where we come from, we must explore in the nature of the forces, ideas, values, emotions, words, behaviour, self expressions, agreements pre set as standard and natural by our culture. The 9 Dances of human history is a journey through our ancestry, own family house, roots and ground, into the current time of our life and culture, up to the future potential developments of the culture we would like to express and choose as individuals, lovers or family.  3 Culture kids, Global citizens, Lifestyle travelers, family clans, and Local Culture developers, would love to enter this exploration and discover where the river of life brings them. The art of love discovered through a journey along our own heritage.

6. The 9 Journeys of the Blue Star Dancers.  

The journey of love into breath has no beginning and no end. While love has no language, no culture, no history, but is present in the heart, and there for communicates; the ability of non verbal communication, but self expression, dialog and cocreation through an alternative language, a symbol, a story, a dance, and emotional sound, becomes a journey into a new dimension of love, interaction and soul connection. Let the story telling of the Blue star dancers empower our journey.

7. A The Dance of the 9 Naked Hearts.

The exploration in all previous dances have started by working with clothes. In this dance the participants will work on the naked skin, and step by step, through a heart opening, the lovers improvisation dance for play will suggest the use of less clothing, for on skin micro exploration. The dance of the 9 naked hearts is a journey on intimacy and honesty, connecting the soul and the hart through our loving full present body and emotional field, feelings in the present moment. The exploration unfolds, through combining introductory training (theory, presentations, video, or demonstrative exercises), and private couples/lovers for play. Eventually, according to participants lifestyle, preferences and choices,  a collective room will be used, where couples will play and for play only with themselves, but sharing one room with many other couples.

7. B  The Dance of the 9 Golden Gates and the 9 Golden Pillars

To connect our heart with our vigina and penis is a necessary step into the art of sacred love.  The Dance of the 9 Golden Gates and the 9 Golden Pillars is a journey into our masculine and femenin self expressed through total body self -awareness in the vagina and in the penis. The dance improv evolves according to lovers exploration on the micro movements and sensations, emotions and feelings, created by the dance. Its practice starts by self awareness, to enter  later on the dance through contact and union, between vagina and penis.  The dance of the 9 Golden Gates and the 9 Golden Pillars, is a for play for sacred love, a journey into maximizing sensation, bliss, joy and intimacy as all the experience is heart based, and focus onto a micro-milimiter dance and movement. This dance is an exploration for couples, where body and sexual intercourse is practiced. The exploration unfolds, through combining introductory training (theory, presentations, video, or demonstrative exercises), and private couples/lovers for play. Eventually, according to participants lifestyle, preferences and choices,  a collective room will be used, where couples will play and for play only with themselves, but sharing one room with many other couples.

7.C. The 9 Dance of the 4 Fold Truth of Love. The awakening of the Inner Female and the Inner Male.

While we discover that all that is, is an experience of a combination of co-creative forces, each of them in a particular intensity, we realize, that every male self-expression in life has an inner female core, and that a Female self-expression in life has a male core.  Would that mean that most of the dances based on male and female only work on external aspects of self? yes and now. In order to bring a female self expression in the dance and inner male force need to be awakened, as well as in the case of the male self expression is possible as the inner female self expression has been awakened. The conscious exploration in the two fold nature of our individual self, and how to cocreate with the 4 streams of communication, collaboration and cocreation in the field of dance improv and love ForPlay is the purpose of this Journey.

8.  The 9 Dances of Peace and Harmony

In daily life, our encounter with friends, working colleges, family, new people, involves dialog and a process of getting to know each other, if both sides interested.  How in daily life the dance of love, is expressed. The true 9 dances of love take place along 24×7 and in the present moment. All previouse workshops are dedicated to wake up in the participants the ability and skills to communicate, cocreate, collaborate in a state of honesty, heart based transparency, with our lover, but also enhance our ability and capacity to be present in our daily life, express ourselves in self security and self trust, and interact with our world and life, also with love. The for play for love, becomes a field of awakening, and enhancement of our ability to connect and cocreate with life, to life our life. The 9 dances of peace and harmony explores ins daily life events and issues, circumstances, expressed through dance improvisation, emotions, feelings and our ability to connect to our hearts and our selves in the middle of them. It is a journey for self empowerment, of lover that lives in the world, without belonging to the world.

9. The Dance of the 9 Divine Worlds ( 9 Golden Waves of Prime Love ) The Awakening of the 9 Sexual Bodies.

It is an exploration into meditative for-play and love making, which is dedicated to reach an experience of mystic and sacred love. This dance is a journey for the soul, where the inner vision of the 9 realms of the divine worlds, guide us along an activation of the 9 mystic experiences or bodies dedicated to love. As a love forplay for the experience of mystic union within one heart and source of all that is. It is practiced on naked skin and according to lovers preferences and choices might include also sexual union (which is not mandatory for the complete experience and journey with this dance). The 9 divine worlds are those invisible world where our consciousness expands and find itself un union with all that is, starting with our own body, our planet and system, the multiversial nature of the universe, its quantum and divine nature, to finally enter into the field of union with all that is. The meditative journey is a sensual empowering experience for couples dedicated to the practice of mystic love; where one,as individual and couple, become self aware of our 9 sexual bodies. The exploration unfolds, through combining introductory training (theory, presentations, video, or demonstrative exercises), and private couples/lovers for play. Eventually, according to participants lifestyle, preferences and choices,  a collective room will be used, where couples will play and for play only with themselves, but sharing one room with many other couples.

9+ The Dance of Prime Self Union

Meditative, contemplative, practice of love, a dance that lead is into the state of sacred union with one own source and core. This dance, is suggested as an experience of completion to all dancers that visited our workshops, is the ultimative dance, the summit of all our works, and is the 24×7 state we would love to be.  The achievement of the continues state of prime self union through for play and love making is a path in its self. A journey that as our breath, starts in prime source and ends in prime source.  This dance will be practiced privately, and no workshop nor further training will be provided for it.






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“if human kind religion would be love, which one would be our daily practice: ? Meditative Conscious Love Making as for empowering peace, love relationships, family, community, culture, life care, heritage " – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken