Prime Love in Colours, Sounds & Numbers

Prime Love Colours, Sounds & Numbers

How to cocreate with Prime Love art? Prime lovability…

The Prime 9th Sound, would be a unique state of the  heart’s divine core, body, soul, emotions, energy, multidimensional quantum self, while prime love making, the 9th path. If there is a colour to describe it would be the Prime Colour, Prime Sound and the number 9, which would include all the following ones simultaneously:

A wiki on colours and numbers

WIKI COLOURS in the art of Prime Love Making

  • 0.YELLOW Prime Love:  the art of manifestation and tangible love expressed through organic and tangible matter.
  • 1.RED Prime Love: the art of love making.
  • 2.WHITE Prime Love: the art of emotional self-management
  • 3.RED Union Prime Love : the art of conception.
  • 4.GREEN Prime Love:  the art of organic life, family/clan management.
  • 5.BLUE Prime Love: the art of consciousness while love making.
  • 6.ORANGE Prime Love: the art of love making with the soul, heart and divine core.
  • 7.BLUE Sounding Prime Love: the art of (co)creation
  • 8.BLACK Prime Love: The art of primal love making
  • 9.GOLDEN Prime Love: the art of love making in prime self union, the 9th Path.
  • 10.INVISIBLE Prime Love: The art of interdimensional love making
  • 11.RAINBOW Prime Love: The art of love making for the 9 genders
  • 12.MAGENTA Prime Love:  The art of culture creation through love making
  • 13.CYON-Bolt Prime Love: The art of peace by love making
  • 14.NAVY-GOLD Prime Love: The art of clan management by love making
  • 15.VIOLET Prime Love: Deva/Demigod art of love making
  • 16.MIDNIGHT BLUE Prime Love: Quantum Love making arts
  • 17.CRYSTAL Prime Love: The art of jewel love making
  • 18.SYLVER-GOLD-RED-ORANGE Prime Love: The art of divine prime love making.

WIKI NUMBERS and prime love making abilities

  • 0. natural presence
  • 1. self expression
  • 2. interaction, communication, collaboration, cocreation
  • 3. family, conception
  • 4. life sustainability, wealth, property, agreement, heritage, clan
  • 5. community and network, peace, rights and values
  • 6. culture cocreation, arts, language
  • 7. integration of multicultural influences on the art of love making
  • 8. essential love making, human species care and development
  • 9. interdimensional or exo or inter human species love making
  •  9+ divine love making

WIKI SOUNDS in Prime Love Making

  • 1.Inner sound, the vibrational inner/whole self sounding while love making
  • 2.The sound of the senses: integrating light, sensation and  sound within own heart in the art of prime love making
  • 3.The sound of creation, the art of making love while sounding (Ref Golden Octave, The 9 Golden Frequencies, the 9 Prime Instruments)



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“if human kind religion would be love, which one would be our daily practice: ? Meditative Conscious Love Making as for empowering peace, love relationships, family, community, culture, life care, heritage " – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken