The Study Program for Prime Love Trainers 2015


  • The Study Program might vary every season according to the development plan of the Prime Love School.
  • 1 Season = 3x3x9 days, or 3×9 days or 9 days. In general the Study Program completion is planned as for 3x3x3x3x9 days, about 729 days – up to 1089 days, plus final diploma project and project development between seasons.
  • The learning process length vary, according to student capacity regarding intensity of learning process and natural self development. Which means students might choose a continues learning process (season by season) or to take pause, processing and inner work time in between seasons, which means the time length necessary for the completion of the learning program might change.
  • The learning fields are three, and the learning process is accumulative, as you will see, all modules will be practices and reviewed every season; it means that more learning content will be added and applied every season.
  • REF. Prime Technology. There are several other study programs that can be combined with Prime Love Trainers programs. and fields of study Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken is dedicated to:

REF. Prime Love, the colours, numbers and sounds, the 900 Forms of prime love



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