Love at the first heart sight… with how many? ( Diary of a traveler in 3 acts )

Love at the first heart sight… with how many? ( Diary of a traveler )

A review of the diary of the traveler regarding love and multiple love relationships, through three acts:  9 days of the traveler, the 9 sounds of the traveler and the 9 elements of life
by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Yes,it is true, and possible. Love at the first heart sight. How many times along my travels took place, that instant you feel the environment changes, slowly as many of those experiences you feel, you recognize that feeling, and like a child about to meet for the first time the best friend to be, you wait… and he/she is there. We look at each other from our hearts and see in our inner world us making love. Then, it is just life and time between us brining us to that passionated love making we knew since the first heart sight was meant to be.

0. Diary of a traveler
Along my travels (Ref, Interview with Camille B on lifestyle travel, video  i will become year after year (now 18 years living abroad ) realize the importance and need of alertness and readiness for love.

1. love on the road or love at location?
As traveler, one recreates with the travel community we are in relation to a social environment which moves with us. That is the field where love takes place on the road, between travelers.
While people living at location does have another social ground, they will meet and know people that lives there and never goes any other place, so they just do not care if today they think, feel or like any one as for sure tomorrow that person will be there. Even if locals  see their “loves”  engaging and creating  relationships with other ones, they also behave as with a “maybe, eventually, in some time, might be that person free again” so locals lives with that possibility always rising within their minds and perception of life. History of love at location proved to be in such a modality that a generation will exchange love partners between each other until marriage time comes. For example in little towns, many have been with many before and after marriage.  Well, good for locals.

2. Time is a gift
Despite the fact that we actually never know the number of breaths we still have to enjoy from our lifes, neither that number of the people we like or love; life can not be taked for granted also not relationships.
This lesson does not seem to be that obvious when one lives at location and meets every one and knows every one is there, but when one lives abroad, one realizes, every minute of experience, of joy, of love, of deep connection with life, with ourselves, with the ones we love and enjoy with is a gift.
As travelers we know that the one that captured our attention and heart at the first sight, might not be there tomorrow, and might become only an event of our history, a story to tell, the memory of a feeling, that only our diary will register.

3. Love is about fearless action and natural life stream
One learns on the road to dont let those precious moments go without action, without interaction and getting into the stream of the heart.
To approach one you feel deeply attracted to,  another traveler, is eventually not an easy thing when you not yet know… you, you actually know nothing about him or her. But you do, you do approach them, as that instant of the first heart sight will never let you sleep calm again, you want to know and even your whole being shakes out of the idea of approaching him/her you know you must go through.

4. “I see you” “you see me”
…and when you do, you have one chance, and then the next one to create the necessary conditions along interaction for the hearts to open up, to share the souls love, and see within each heart what both truely are, to see each other: “I see you! ” feeling with knowing that it is tangible: “he , she sees me, i know it! “.

5. The path of love
As many travelers also love paths and love forms. There are no rules nor receipts on how to do the next step. It feels eventually like climbing a wall you never ever climbed before, you might have no idea where the next step is, you will just to find out. Some times climbers take their time to observe the wall from the distance and out of experience design a route a path that is secure. But we know that to look for safe and secure paths, territories, or lovers,  in the field of love might makes non sense at all; unless we are fully vulnerable and our heart is in a state of deep self honesty, respect and transparency, we wouldnt really know the other one feeling likes or preferences regarding us. In order to give and receive freedom we must be who we are, then the other one can tell if he prefer us or not at this point of own time line, so we would like to know the other one in that state of honesty, transparency, for us to be able to choose.  SO we ask the other one for the same, honesty transparency.

6. The Traveler Honesty
We have no much time to get to know each other, we wish for the signs, for that clarity soon, as the next days or tomorrow or in the next hour we will, we must, make a choice… or no choice and wait… the truth of the situation is tangible: my travel destination, my journey is the next location (in this or other continent, in this or other country) or it is here and you.
We love to travel as we love the experience of love, we know both journey make our live feel complete. And we know, the other one is in the same spot, about to decide, in the next hour, or day how the journey will continue.
At certain point one realizes make non sense to look for answers, we reached that state of being certain, we must experience, explore, let love flow, unfold.

7. Being at the right time, right place with the right lover
It is the untold, unseen, 9 senses experience of love that give us the certainty of being at the right time, place doing what our heart really wishes, and i can isnt easy for a traveler to leave the road for a love, but when, if, then it is because our whole being wishes that journey of love and is ready to take the ride.

8.  Signs of engagement, commitment on the road
It is not a night stand, nor a passionated week, or a summer love, it is a step by step, day by day, hour by hour choice of traveling together and sharing, creating a journey, a choice.  It is a direct commitment that is day by day changing our lifes. It is tangible. We had a travel planned, we had a destinations, things wanted to do, people to meet, activities and causes to engage in. But now is here you. The question about leaving all this vibrating world, for love. Conflict, doubt, and fear might rise when more love and more commitment natural flows and life changes again.
Both travelers ask themselves: where to go…your travel plan or mine? or to stay?
How many travel business and projects developed out of love?

9. Diary of a traveler in love
In the middle of the adventure of love, on the road, a traveler reflects on his journey and remember each of the lovers that never left his heart.

A. Love is not a choice
Love we do not choose, it takes place, it happens in our lifes, but sex and relationship, a living together, a journey together is a choice.
Why we have choosen, to keep ourselves on the road, did move us the dream and wish for another love, or it was the choice of love without a journey together that brought us into the next travel destination alone.

B.  All the lovers, one love
The traveler reflects on his diary, and realizes he never stops loving them, there was no conflict into feeling love for all of them, asexual love, lovemaking love, life journey love… but now the traveler feels in the middle of the road of his life, a stream, a trace, that have been always there. I love more than one lover. This is the summit point of honesty.
The traveler knows, out of the endless loving nights on the road, or the love adventures he has, that something never changes and if he would meet them all again, will make love with all again. Eventually with all together.

C. One heart, timeless love
This expanded heart of love is the most honest feeling he ever had.
Remembered that the conflict was never regarding love or not to love, love was there, but regarding to love only one.
Love has been there for all of them, in the traveler time line; love never changed, and that is the truth. So how to decide, with every new lover, that this new lover is the only one? It does not feel true.
The concept that this new lover is the only one in this current time isnt true neither but is socially more accepted. The truth is that while “falling”in love new, i never forgot nor destroy neither changed the love stream i felt for every one i loved in my whole life.

D. Love and relationship quality: that mystic love
Once i heard that strange idea that in order to love fully one must create space in own heart, by letting all other past and future lovers dissolve and go…and well… the idea of space and love seems to be associated to an organic perception of the heart limited by its shape and dimension, or that one of a magnetic field limited by its magnetic lines and geometries….  in reality love is not limited by energy nor field nor body.
Our heart has a kind of unique nature of something that can be called space or field in union with all that is,  as all that is in order to love all that is fully does not have to create space in own heart neither.
The heart of love is the same, in ourselves as in the source of all that is. That mystic love.

E.  Loving more than one, letting love choose our life (letting conflict go)
How much space do you want, how much love do you want. All you need is love and love is there in an all you need quantity and quality.
The conflict is not about how many you have loved, love or will love, is the choice of loving only one now.
Once you let the conflict go, and accept love, your heart will enjoy the bliss of loving without conflict.
This is the point in which the lover realizes that to love more than one person at the same time was not a possibility, alternative lifestyle to think about for future as a “maybe”, but an actual reality that he has been living all of these years already.

F.  Peace while loving you all
What made it not possible for the lover to experience love streams fisically simultaneously? actually nothing, the few times that love became a play of three, was so enjoyable.
It is just a matter of how we limit our perception of our own life and choices and possibilities, how one blind own self from the truth, that right now, love flows with more than one lover, and there is no reason to blind ourselves from that truth.
Actually there is alot of reasons and meaning hidden in this fact and when one become really honest and transparent about, one realizes the gift of love is wider and more complete along the whole life time, to be experienced, than what we have been choosing in the past.
Lets realize and let love of all our life time be acknowledged and honored. We still love all of them, and it is fine.
How many times on the road more than one love approached the coasts of our heart-perception at the same time, why to choose between them? is that the need of a convention a social relationship code  agreement a codex?

G. The tangibility of love making
While it is true, that in the embrace of love, in this instant, there is possibility for only one single lover to reach her/his chest with my heart, and no more than one, there is no reason to belief that the world of love is limited by that instant of embrace.
A love embrace is like breathing, we breathing in and breath out. In this cycle of breathing we welcome love and come back to ourselves in self love, open our heart, and embrace each of our lovers, completely, deeply, connecting with their hearts, souls and divine source, in just that single instant of love embrace.
Filled with love, complete in union, we enjoy and relax in that state of mind, heart, body, soul, inner being, divine bliss of joy, nectar and ambrosia of heaven and earth, of the gods and goddesses in union with the source of all that is. Complete in that state of the heart, filled with all is needed which rised from our own hearts and which has been cocreated by the love embrace, we become eternally one, in union with love.

Fire. The 81 minutes love embraces 
By being eternally in unity within, we continue our lifes after every love embrace. Then we meet another lover, and embrace in unity, divine unity again. Wuould make sense for you to love in each embrace of 9 minutes, along 45 min would you embrace 5 lovers. A long night waits for you. When 9 lovers embrace each other long the summer sunny stream of love.

Earth. Love in all its forms
The clarity of this facts, the more easy for the traveler to realize have been living in a world of true love, and many several times did choose not to love one for the choice of another one. If asexual love, lovemaking love, spiritual divine love, cocreative journey love, or family love, on the road love, all loves are love themselves and all together make the path , the road of love..and show to us what really love is.

Water. Love in every drop
We realize we are here to love, love is our true journey. When love integrates life, and life is lived from the heart, then we notice after liberating ourselves from all conflicts that we are so bussy filled and dedicated to love that our daily life choices becomes more practical, more precise and more oriented to harmony, life and family care.

Wind & Heart-Time: Daily Life
We value our time more as the bliss of love stream in our hearts and fill our lifes with peace and gratitude, every event in nature becomes rich in love vibrating bliss; our daily life choices, and activities, are events between love embraces; our care for life, family, culture and community, becomes a necessary grounded choice for the achievement of the conditions needed for love embrace to be sustained in time and shared with more.

Ether. Love as Heritage
How to make the bliss of love and its embrace sustainable in time, family, culture, human kind?
By becoming sensitive and dedicated to love, life sustainability and heritage, peace and culture, show to us other sides and faces, and one understands, that is the ability, lovability, to make love, to love embrace, that creates peace in the world when done with a divine heart.

Male-Female.  Family
It is in our most instinctive deepest layer of life streaming in our DNA and collective consciousness and history, human kind dare for survival of own species, of own kind, and nothing but selective love, unfolds into the continuity of it. When we think that biological species natural instinct define our life choices, we are grateful for nature being as intelligent and wise it is, giving life and human kind a new chance of self perfecting itself by each new generation. This is our true heritage.
While our species and culture upgrade, selective choice and commited dedication to family and children care, education, creation of our culture, is and does not have not be limited by the unique function of species survival or culture upgrade, but by its quality and the greatest heritage of all, our daily life common sense, heart choices, life in human kind hearts.
When a community cares for all the children as their own, there is no more the limited list of choices of a week schedule of a couple of parents that defines life for the family. Life is a cocreation of the community and of the clan. Life is family, beyond the little cluster of papa and mama, life is clan and community.

Organic Sounding Light. We shape our lifes
It is in our daily conscious and subconscious choices that we define the pattern of our lifes and the inheritance given to the land, to the planet and to our children.
Daily, our consciousness sound and being our inner sound love, this wave expands all over, reaching the hearts of every one. This is the true wave of love, beyond our 9 senses, when we invite the world to love us and we love the world.
Our life is not yet only the visible life, the organic one, it is also that one created by the magnetic wave of our hearts, by the pulsing energy our our core stream, by the touch of our nine senses, by the geo-locations reached by our online networks, and by the interdimensional spheres and realms reached by our quantum and divine heart consciousness.
There or lovers are many as the stars, endless as the dots in our holofractographic bodies, all of them one within our own consciousness.
This quantum kind of love, is that one of a traveler that within own heart realizes love as an experience of consciousness beyond the organic body, beyond the perceivable lovers, beyond the time of existence and un existence.

Primordial love.
While this love, which embraces all that is and all the traveler is within own self and along own life, creates endless fields and possibilities of love, and love self expressions. Journeys within journeys, worlds within worlds, quantumverses within quantumverses.
While streaming this quality of divine and tangible love, tangible to  the traveler consciousness, the lovers are not only the universes, multiverses or quantumverse we create within our heart thought, but as well within our bodies and inner worlds.
Is this the mystic experience of finding within a flower, at the tip of a petal in blossom that lover waiting for us in a unique form, and simulteneously in another of our divine dimensions experiencing the encounter with another love.
The divine multidimensional experience of love is that one of multiple loves taking place at the same time.
Quantum love is multiple and simulteneous, and without any effort takes place along our whole life and time.

9+ Conclusions
May we have expanded multidimensional consciousness or not, by letting go the conflict created by choice of just one lover for love, the true honest stream of our loving heart will find peace, and by living peace and harmony within, joy; while being honest in all that this love ask in our emotions, feelings, 9 senses and body for, heart for; the journey of love, of multiples loves, will began; or actually continue.
May this journey be grounded in mystic love, quantum or divine consciousness love or organic love or community /clan love or multiple marriage or lovers love, the journey of the traveler will bring wisdom to the lover and tangible reality facts, when heard, to his/her/its life.
May love be the blessing for peace and culture, heritage for future generations of a global unified world.
LUIS IX, Odin Theta

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