Lovability Workshop “ The ability to love at the first heart sight “



Lovability Workshop

  “ The ability to love at the first heart sight “

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken suggests that meditative conscious love making and foreplay would bring peace, awareness, joy, health, fun, harmony, celebration and a new love based culture to our modern globalized world.

LOVABILITY is the ability to love and self love ourselves and one or many more we meet for the first time, while being present in the now=past=future, while listening to our heart and divine heart, feeling the tangibility of foreplay and lovemaking to be right (to experience no conflict with our head, nor with our life set up or lifestyle), and to stay in the feeling of gratefulness and celebration of love after lovemaking and foreplay. ( Ref. Prime Love Ability )


LENGTH : 3, 5, 9, 18 or 27 hours

MODALITY: Private (you book it) or public (we announce it)

PROCESS: Experiential, learning by playing, learning by doing, indirect learning through dances, massage, communication, fun, games, arts, sensual presence, honesty, transparency, sharing from the heart, listening to each other, giving and receiving, co-creating, exploring the art of love making and foreplay.

THE FOREPLAY SOCIETY is dedicated to the study and practice of meditative conscious love making & foreplay. Presentations, seminars, celebrations, private training is provided only to our members online and at location.