Enter the room, and find yourself within your own heart in the complete conscious experience of your body, of self love and love, in union with the core source of all that is.

Fire within your inner heart the fire substance, the liquid essence of the fire element, let it flow in your whole being, transforming yourself into fire. Your skin, your molecules, your light, your field, all around you, and you are this fire like a sun out of your heart

Feel the presence of your lover close to you,…


THE 9 DANCES OF LOVE – Meet up in Helsinki



@ Shanti YogaSchool Runeberginkatu 43. 00100 Helsinki
  • TUESDAY     31.03.2014  16:30 – 18:00
  • THURSDAY  02.04.2014   17:30 – 19:00
REGISTER  on advance to
INFORMATION :  +358466227889
FEE: Donation

The 9 Dances of love is an empowering experience, that leads you to conscious love making, joy, adventure, fun and play; through self expression. 

It empowers you for daily life, co-creativity, communication, self-confidence, self-honesty and self-love.

Along the meet up we will share experiences, practices, information, questions and answers on:

  • The 9 dances of love (Dance improv as love for play – Emotional sensorial self-awareness )
  • The 9 stages of love (Love as corner stone of daily life. Which quality of love you do prefer ?)
  • Conscious making love (The transformational adventure of conscious making love)
  • The 9 Dances of Love STUDY CIRCLE ( schedule, aims, learning plan, workshops, continuous learning)

Sacred love poetry and music improv will inspire your senses, to dance and to love.



Every new love partner is different, start loving as a baby starts living

Every new love partner is different

We wish to find that love partner for life, so we never plan to have several lovers along our life path. But well, i did. What i did learn about is not only that it doesnt matter what technical knowledge or capabilities you might have, or experience, only love create the bound of the relationship and the collaboration process the couples is immersed in

Every time you meet a lover you must start from zero, learning as a baby learn the first steps, the first word and how these words touch your lover, as each field of consciousness is unique, on top of culture, DNA, consciousness and life paths differences, there for is a new world, that even is in resonance with yours, you must be very aware and very careful about.

In the field of love, one must not only be in the present=future=past moment, but as well in the field of interaction, co-creation, manifestation, organic process, feelings, emotions, heart, self-awareness, self-observation… and so on. How could that be possible for us to be present in all of these fields, in each of the 45 energy centres and at the same time have a very natural sponteneous happy life?

That multiple fields simultaneouse consciouss is possible in human beings. actually natural, we experience it already; our practices and methods actually support us into mastering paralel process management and self management.

Then, all you need to do is to start!

(ENQUIRE) (LOVE MAKING & TIME MANAGEMENT) Empowering your love relationship Or Empowering your life for love How to shift from being single to a fulfilling love relationship How to empower your relationship into a fulfilling love relationship. THE ANSWER IS THE SAME: This information is as important for singles as for couples.


  • Empowering your love relationship
  • Or Empowering your life for love
  • How to shift from being single to a fulfilling love relationship
  • How to empower your relationship into a fulfilling love relationship.
THE ANSWER IS THE SAME: This information is as important for singles as for couples.

Time, emotional quality of time, time dedicated to feel own-self, and to express (wave) the heart in the field of life, in relationship with our lover or with that soul that now wishes to meet us but did not meet us yet.
In modern times, we learned at school, to schedule everything we do. I know few schools that gives students the right to free schedule their learning process along the day and if they want go to the forest or play. There are also few companies that do the same, they just assign tasks or give even to employees the possibility to choose when and what to create, the rest of the time is free for what ever they feel they want to do.
Why these schools and companies do so?
Notice how we start the day:
6:00 Wake up, breakfast, travel to (school, job)
11:00/15:00 Break or end of work day
16:00 / 18:00 after daily errands, go home or meet friends or family
21:00 home care,
22:00 go sleep
And that is eventually 7 days a week
Friends that travel did more or less the same:
50% travel time dedicated to presentations, workshops
40% dedicated to coaching, consultations
10% social events associated to the travel business
If the universe, the divine quantum field, or the quantum field of consciousness react to our thoughts and vibration, and we daily dare for love…
Have you scheduled LOVE?
When you are living abroad and meet one you fall in love with or one that you deeply like…would you change all business schedule?
Many of my friends found even business ventures that they could not explore more in as for the fixed schedules they agree to live with while traveling abroad.
As soon as you create time along your daily life,s space of time, for love.
Some ideas how:
set the time you would like your life to be dedicated to love, along the week. This is a reference, it will help you create balance and make decisions on other fields of interest. in reality love one can not schedule but one can create a time field for it.
for example:
3.30% LOVE ?
30% love would be about 6-8 hours daily for love.
In this case would mean: family time, going out, having fun, sharing, making love, playing with children.
In case of lovers, or parents that explore on love,
time for workshops, romantic weekends, love trips
Or even time for learning now qualities of love and love making.
For all of these love activities TIME IS NECESSARY
  • Travel love: 10% not planed, 10% Love, 80% travel plan
  • Love at location: 30% Love, 60% Business 10% others
  • Which model would you choose? create?
Imagine that you live waiting and wishing for love, and your schedule is 100% full.
Well, when and how love would make it to capture your attention just on the 5 minutes free you have between jobs and travel to home?
Would a new love find you in the GYM between arriving and departure? maybe..but you could do something ELSE
In the time dedicated to love, instead of love searching, explore and learn about LOVE. about yourself, about your life.
These hours, focus on who you are, how you love, what love is, your life process, find your edges, and inspire your self to enjoy love…and go for spaces dedicated to meet people open to love encounters
It is also necessary you do the same, individual space for you to feel yourself and your life. Then for communicating with your lover, experience together life, having fun, play, learn and making love (with no plans).
For those with a very strict schedule use to make love in the 30 or 15 min between waking up abit earlier today for love making and the job, this advice is really important.
Instead of waiting, dedicate yourself to love!
Explore, learn, create, wave, rise your consciousness, prepare your life field for love
See the 9 stages of love and the 9 dances of love for references on what you can do to explore or create a space for.
Ask for coaching or advice if you need support creating your space for love!
This idea apply for singles, how to create a space for love, but also for couples. As you individually already have a life in balance, creating a space for love, now you can welcome your lover without struggle or brining your life out of balance
Do you remember your friends asking where have you been, and you telling them : “fall in love, new girlfriend, new boyfriend. ” Then every one understood.
Well, why your social life, business, creativity would enter into dis-balance every time you fall in love?
THe feeling of not having your life in balance creates a negative pattern, every time you fall in love, you more and more have the idea something will go wrong in your life.
Well, what if you first set up your life for love, then when you have all in balance, your lover will not create a mess in your life. Or actually love or your wish for love.
Avoid conflict by designing your life according to what your heart wishes. If your heart is all about love, then set up the time necessary and with the rest of the time choose on profession, business, social life, and do the best out of it, to be happy.
If you think: OH! now i have no lover, i will just dedicate my self to make money! then obviously you will not create resonance with love as you are not creating activities, moving your energy or intention dedicated to love. not giving space to your heart and self awareness to let love flow.
LOVE and your heart do not open nor flow because the lover is there but because you are there!
Maybe you have a lover now, maybe you wish one.
Time is a quantum experience, present=past=future
If you take the decision today to give time to love, then it creates a change in the future, then a process unfold, also for your perception, to notice events, situations, give time to people, be open to experience, connect, communicate, as you are not too busy in other things but your life is open and has time for love.
If you have already a relationship, a love relationship, to design this time is so important to empower your love, nurture it, and honor your lover, as you have time to feel your ownself, your own relationship and love, heart open, emotions, feelinsg and make the choices decisions that will empower love, as you have the necessary time to notice, to listen, to address attention, resources, energy, time to what is meaningful for yourself
This is how tangibly you honor love and life. Create a time field for it, then the resonance field will appear in your life. Then life and time will do the rest of the process, if your use your time dedicated to love, to love, and evolve yourself in the knowledge and tangible self expression of love, in the dance, in daily life and by making love
spiritual time management.001
LUIS Offer coaching, emotional time management and empowering love relationships training online for singles and couples.
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(ENQUIRE) How to wake up your lover from a Sex Trance ? (Your lover is stuck into a perception/awareness loop and do not see you/listen to you any more… your relationship dissolves in time…what to do?)

(ENQUIRE) How to wake up your lover from a Sex Trance ? (Your lover is stuck into a perception/awareness  loop and do not see you/listen to you any more… your relationship dissolves in time…what to do?)

A sex trance or love trance is a very strange status/state of perception (which creates a very particular behaviour, normally distance or dormant not caring)  that use to take place when after several days of sex, intensive events in the relationship or when that kind of “love that blinds” is present.

0. When along the intensity of making love, for days, our lover suddenly gets stuck in a loop of perception.
What is a perception loop? when suddenly nothing else but one thing (real or projected) is perceived.
It means that our lover will not see us, sense us, feel us, notice us, listen to us… but with something elses in his/her inner world, in his/her life, heart, minds or realm.
The dynamic of your relationship dessapears, and you feel your relationship getting dissolved in time.

1. What to do then?
The traditional choice would be: time off, take time with your own self. But what if our lover is not noticing that he/she/it needs tine for own self?
Our lover might not even know or had noticed that is not able to see own self, nor us, but still in a loop of perception there for a behaviour, interaction that do not belong to the truth of the present=past=future moment.
2. How to help our lover?
Distance, time, to wait is not always the ideal option as our lover is in principle in a loop of perception, he/she/it could do that would harm him/her/it and also your relationship.
3. Strategies applied by many: (How to wake him/her/it up?)
  • Play to go out with somebody elses
  • Practice yoga and meditation
  • Engage into a creative project
  • Travel for a weekend
  • Go party
  • Meet old friends
  • Go dinner with an ex
Notice that any thing you might do will help her/him/it to wake up of trance, and come back to what your relationship and love needs.
Maybe you feel you do not like to play that theater… and would prefer to do nothing. But how long would you be in that corner of doing nothing, how long would you wait for having fun again with your lover.
4. What i suggest to you?
Make love again…
Now, for those with some experience, will tell that if our lover is in that loop, and has no will to make love, then the future is gone… and yes it probably is.
There is always once chance… that despite the loop and trance our lover is, within him/her/itself a sparkle of consciousness have been always observing and realize and listen to your waking up call… eventually her/his/its innermost consciousness and soul will react to your call…
5. Eventually you will make love again… and in the fire of the truth, honesty, intimacy and transparency, realize that each of you are a gift for each other.
But if your lover gets stuck in the laberynt of forgetting, and you see them playing with destiny, gone, internally waiting for the world to triggers them to come back again?
If your lover is of that type, eventually would wish you or better the world to change his/her/its status… it could take weeks, months or years.
6. You are in fear because you think if it is not you then somebody else will do that, and it is true, more your lover distract her/his/itself with the world, more the chances for him/her/it to be waked up ( like snow white) by the kiss of another prince.
Eventually something scared your lover, might be love itself, and as a strategy, your lover went away trying to avoid to see love.
But the difference is that you are not in a loop, you notice it. He/she/it is in a loop, maybe a play loop, maybe subconsciouss loop, but a loop any case.
For your tranquility, you as well could get, if time keep on passing, kissed by a prince that will wake you up.
7.  What to do?
Now you ask yourself, what if you try to wake her/him/it up by applying the traditional practices listed above (How to wake him/her/it up?).  It is up to you, so far you keep being yourself and honoring who you are, and feeling authentic, and do not feel falling into a manipulative play of lies; but who is not ready to do everything for love?
What you will do is your choice, also even he/she/it is in a loop, stuck, her/his/its inner core, soul, somewhere and somewhen is awake and knows, and to do that to him/her self, by keeping him/her/itself in a loop, is his/her/its own self made game, or a choice. Maybe asking for help, as path of the play of snow white story.  
8. The question is for you? would you play the game? does it feel real for you? or would you better do what your heart tells you to do?
Many might say, at the end, what is important is the food, not how you get the food. I personally do not think that the main thing is to have sex and not how you get to get it (rape and use of pills and drugs for pushing a girl to have sex with you would fall into that category)… so what is different from drugs or emotional triggers and pushing strategies from the list above (How to wake him/her/it up?)
9. The quality and nature of what you do, you choose to do, tells about you, your soul, who you are, how do your prefer to reach love, communicate love, be reached by love.
According to your own art of love, what would you prefer to do?

(ENQUIRE) Sexual Hypnosys? Spiritual Sex based Slavism? Sex-brain wash? Sex Magic ? Abuse of gender psychology?

Sexual Hypnosys? and Spiritual Sex based  Slavism.

There was around the year 1996, i was traveling with my girlfriend in the highlands visiting some archeological sites; to travel in Southamerica at that time was already a challenge as for the natural risks and chances one takes on the road. AFter years together and some weeks on the road, we learned to care for each other.
We were walking around an archeological site, practicing spiritual archeology, when suddenly our senses noticed a man laying down with legs open straight behind us, in a kind of sexual extasis.
That was the first time we noticed somebody feeding on our sexual energy.
My girlfriend was blond and easily attracted the attention of local people, we had a very active sexual life so we will sparkle where ever we landed an aura of joy and open energy in flow with life.
Along following years i will encounter several individuals from all source of fields, from healers, dancers, tantra practitioners, body artists, business people, artists, yoga practitioners and sex therapists that will feed on other people sexual energy.
While this type of vampirism doesnt seem to be strange for most of sensitive to vital energy flow spiritual community world wide, what called more my attention was those individuals that with healing, arts or body self expression created a kind of sexual hypnosys.
By rising up the collective sexual energy, generate a click, switch off some regions in the brain dedicated to self care and self awareness. If the sexual hypnosis goes longer could take many years until it switches on again; specially if all the experiences tend to sexual addiction.
Recently a woman wrote me calling for another name, completely confused. she just had read the word sex and inmediatly something in her triggered, and hypnosys switched on, she as in another world without noticing she did not communicate with me at all but with something created in her mind. That is how the sexual hypnosys works.
If two or more experience this ind of sexual hypnosys collective sexual experiences become so easy to be triggered even individuals might not have the intention to join.
You can imagine several individuals invited to a sacred sexuality training that suddenly feel free and start having sex with each other with no concerns at all, but several months later something changes and they ask themselves what moved them to do that?
I know cases of people i do care and love, that suddenly waked up and terrified closed doors of their life when noticed they placed their life, that one of their children, under a great risk
It isnot only that the practitioners of sexual hypnosys will feed on your vital energy even long distance but will use your sexual presence for their own sake, but as well that the utilitarian (to use the customers) perception of the customers or victims or targets, but also that will move you do and engage into activities with other people that can place your health, sanity or life and that one of your family under risk.
For example by provocating violence, abuse, drugs consume, and even emotional, psychological, energy or body slavism.
Where is the limit, there isnt any. What to do then?
Back in time i did not know what to do but to seal my field with love and self love, and have a great communication, then trust, and skillful at the right time collaboration
To become aware of own process, and of the threats, and warnings individually and together, is extremely important
Body and emotional memory release with a breathing shielding technique have became a wonderful tool to release the sexual magic implants.
How dangerous this sexual magic could dangerous as for the cases of complete sexual slavism (without friends nor relatives  knowing as a shift in behaviour personality can be explained out of “oh he/she become more sexual free” and in seldom cases identify abuse cases or any type of sexual anergy slavism, in the mind, body, energy, spirit, soul. That would be how a sex-sect would start, with a father or mother that apply sex-hypnosis and create a sex based community: a sex sect.
Here some of the manipolation tools used in addition to sexual hypnosys or magic

 I have seen individuals that apply brain patterns reshaping or reprogramming,  (with some basic healing techniques) and in addition use sexual energy for their work, to engage into a se-brain-wash. How that works, simple, they just combine sexual magic as opening, brain programming and implant, to later push life events to reinforce perception and push behaviour, similar to the manipoolation presentation above, or just by applying psychic push create a change of perception, feeling and emotion. A brain wash all levels made easier by utilizing sexual energy manipulation or sexual magic or gender psychology.
 The remedy? a good training on energy field shielding, sealing tools, and communication, trust and collaboration between lovers. By becoming aware that their sphere of love is within the world.

(ENQUIRE) Masturbation, what for?

Masturbation, what for?  

Story Telling: The 9 Nymphas and the Golden Nectar

“Once a dream waked me up; 9 women were touching me, and even having sex with me. While waking up, in between the dream and the daylight, i saw in wonderful colours of light, within a space wider like with stars, these female beings, joyful playing with a golden phalus, dancing around it, and touching it, making love with it… the intensity of the sensations where that deep in all my senses, that i was drawn to touch my own penis with my hands, my body, then i had just an instant of clarity, and by entering in a state of contemplation in prime self union, anchored in my own heart in self love, the golden sparkles of my heart beam covered all my body like a tissue of self love, the sensations were still more and more intense, while my very basic instinct did not loose its ground, as a mountain in contenplative meditative dynamic i integrated all sensations and grateful for the experience and bliss, communicated with all of those female beings that suddenly aware of my presence in a light body become more wild and intense, as they would know me already, trying by all means by mean of their own pleasure to distract my mind of my contemplative state and my heart of love and self love, and bring me to give away my golden nectar; I realized it was not the first time. Eventually i will wake up some mornings or in the middle of the night, and within the spyral of sensations, bring my golden nectar to blossom in the space of self love and self awareness, eventually integrating it with my own energy healing and self awakening, while internally aware, there was something to perceive in a field my awareness did not want to look at, for which that quality of energy running within my whole body was necessary. By giving my golden nectar away my whole energy stream would decrease its waving flow and as for the circuit has been opened and the nectar spread. As for when one has 9GW can do enter a field of 9GW, but with only 3GW left, the possibility to enter a field of perception for which 9GW are necessary was not there any more. In this state of clarity i did decide in my heart not to give my nectar to this nymphas. Slowly, they experienced their own extasis, and one by one were requested to leave my field of consciousness energy and sensation. While along the night several hours will pass in which the nymphs will come back and try they love play again, i realized that not every time we feel like masturbating is a natural spontaneouse thing”- Odin Theta – AUtobiography

0. Masturbation
The idea of masturbation, within the mystic practice of love is that one of seflawareness, and self healing by moving of own sexual bliss, without the blossom of the golden nectar, or with it, according to method, technique or need.
1. Essence (male or female) The golden nectar.
While to give away the golden nectar (semen) is by many practices of sacred sexuality perceived as not responsible, in the following lines some ideas why will be mentioned. On the other hand the connecting field of love, for the purpose of family and love relationship ask the lovers for the sharing of own substances. (see In Prime times there were no condoms)
2.  The Golden Womb
While in the field of the organiclight tissue of life, the act of masturbation has a direct effect on it. The male essence should be dedicated only to nurture the golden womb of cocreation, manifestation, the lovers care for, as well as the essence of the female lover.
3. Loyalty, Stability, Love
The connecting field is found in the body, energy, tissues that interact along the state of union, sexual-loving union.
While the energetic penis is still within the energetic vagina in a paralel quantum dimension as expression of love ( see condoms in prime times), the act of masturbation of any of the sides will plug the penis or vagina out of the union, and connect with the energy field around the lover but not with the lover that might not be at that point in time at the same place.
Even if at the same place, even if the thoughts and intentions or sensations or body subconsciouss memories or energy bounds intent or are connecting with the penis or vagina of the lover and with their heart; the act of masturbation done with lack of self awareness, self love, and love from the heart to our lover, will only create a mechanical stream of energy that will damage the organic light tissues and create a feeling of separation.
The emotional energetic feeling based bound, gets damaged, changed, a gate for energies of surroundings open, and the golden womb does not get nurture daily as it should. Which creates an un-stability and not-commitment feeling between the lovers. Which must be repaired by making love.
4.  Self-awareness = self-responsibility
The awareness of these facts is necessary in order to measure the energy mind heart body intensity along “masturbation”or self exploration, for the purpose of keeping harmony, health and clarity in the golden womb field, and in the lovers heart based love and self love flow relationship.
5. Practices and methods, forplay and afterplay
There are other practices, that beside the golden womb are important to be observed as those ones dedicated to for play or after play, or those ones dedicated to massage ( yoni and lingam massage vagina/penis ) and sexual bliss awakening or sexual healing.
As well there are practices associated with self-love painless de-armoring or release of body emotional memories and blockages.
And the 9 dances of love also includes those practices.
6.  Empowerment of male and female
For the empowerment of the male or female the self-awarenes and self knowledge of own individual quality of energy and function as male and female imply we must know very well what our vagina or penis are and have a clear contact with them, presence in them.
7.  Mystic love, sacred love
It i also at the practice of symbolic and prime language and mystic sexuality or sacred love, that the spiritual function of the grial must be understood, that one of the union between penis and vagina and what it creates as union between male and female or self expression of male-female as one.
The sacred love practices for and between male and between female registered in history as well as those ones between lovers are not by accident hidden or kept secret.
8. Interdimensional love
While the interdimensional or dreamland side of the experience, bring us awareness on the other side of self-exploration, and to the question what or who triggers it and when.
9. Consciousness 
Self-knowing is a path of clarity, honesty and free perception, also freedom for action. Without managing our ability to choose, standing the most intensive sensations, any case keeping tangibly a state of contemplation, union with own heart and prime source within, the sexual practices or experiences would not be anything else but distraction from what we really are and what our real situation is.
To know our selves means to do! to experience!
To be ourselves in our true nature, means to go beyond our perception of what we think, have been told, or learned we are, have been and will be.
9. Making love
While making love, there is here important to add  that modern world culture have been so distracted with sex, that the act of love making does not feel different in terms of quality from the experience of masturbation. For those that enjoy still to use their hands and fingers or body instead and for those that use sex-toys and sex-tools for masturbation, the awareness of the fact that the lover  could be used as a tool for self-masturbation, need to be addressed.
At the end of the road, what is meaningful is what we create with all we are, with our body, energy, mind, soul, spirit, perception, feelings, emotions, actions, behaviour, self-awareness, heart based consciouness, life.
9+ Cocreation
What do you create when you self-explore your body or give your self pleasure or enjoy the imaginary presence of your lover or just wake up and move your own energy?
May love be the field for the new golden age!
LUIS. 2015.

Enquire: is detachment the corner stone practice of sacred love? Detachment is not enough, must be also attachment! (REF: detachment = self-desenpowerment AND/VS organic life & love relationships = Attachment ? and what really means equality?)

The path of sacred sexuality must innerstand ( be clear in the inner meaning ) the powerful forces the bound the lovers as for their purpose, of cocreating life, ensuring the survival of the species, and ability of taking decisions that empower culture, communication, collaboration, cocreation activelly, and as well self transformation through self empowerment at individual and collective level.

Detachment is not enough, must be also attachment! 


When i think about all the people i met that did follow several paths associated with the words sacred love ( see index) , or ascension or union (yoga) or sacred sexuality, there is one thema that became more and more interesting to me to observe that no one has been commenting about.

Apparently western culture, in particular modern western spirituality, take for granted that all teachings in easter world have the same function. People, they do not.

What do i mean? when one practice yoga on particular style, the other one tai chi chen and the other one music-healing, comming from china, india, japan or middle east; the healing and awareness benefits might be similar, but they do not do the same, not only at external form isnt the same, but the inner process, the milestones, are not the same and the state of consciousness reached is also not the same.

As in multicultural and multireligiouse politicallly correct halls is used to say: “at the end we all reach the same state of union with the nature of all that is ” but do every one, have every one, in all traditions, schools, teachings, reached that end of the road, destiny, or some or most of them reached only a mile stone which is advanced but still in the middle of the road?

One takes for granted that enlightenment means the same thing in every path and it doe snot.  For some the most advanced level of experience vary in terms of the purpose of the work and the key words associated: “to do what you want” seems to be important for gurus that need you to be flexible for collaborating with spiritual projects in which the power of use of sexual energy for cocreation needs from you to have many sex relationships and not be limited by one. This type of technical strategy based on assigning love sex partners to the students is very normal to be observed. Be free! Call of the guru has a purpose associated with GURUs plan and own sake, not with that one of the student. One must remember that in the traditional paths, the student offer whole life to the GURU for the sake of the teachings and gurus plan will, by trusting gurus wisdom and knowledge better than that one of one of their own. THis type of voluntary self desempowerment did lead to much suffering, abuse and obviously to the experience that nothing the student would like to reach will be reachable so far the GURU keep on manipulating the student energy and life path by application of several methods, that might involve psychic control, energy control, magic, social pressure, and manipulation.

For those ones that do not choose self desempowerment and self slavism as a path, and look for a path with no guru, the following information, case would be important to review.

The main field of my work has been love relationships and sexuality,  as a sacred space dedicated to life.

The continous development of our species, human kind, is interdependent to individuals, family and social self awareness, (culture, nation development), consciousness, perception, emotions/feeling, beaviour, … how one apply consciousness, love and self awareness, mean also how DNA  changes and gets transfered.

We know DNA changes based on perception and emotions associated to awareness and behaviour, in relation to daily life . We know that DNA changes are in general transfered by family inheritance, but also by exposure to patters of perception.

Which means that if one transfer the DNA new pattern to next generation, slowly one by one whole community, culture and nation will change, evolve, upgrade.

If this transfer (legacy, heritage) in the form of DNA is done by family, as a consciouss self responsible act, we would be certain the golden age waits for us. While this intent is not the case of modern world families, as that type of responsibility for the species is not part of the standard individuals education regarding family, relationships and having children.

If the transfer of DNA is by suggesting new perception models and behaviour (religion, spiritual circles, philosphy, politics, lifestyle, knowledge) then idea of social mass manipulation comes to my perception as well as that one of lack of individual self determination and “sheeps”type of DNA upgrade. : “Done for you” = “self-desempowerment”

Done for you apply in almost all type of guru/highlevel/interdimensional spirtual beings that do “know more and are more “than you.  There for they claim will be “better for you they decide for you what you are, will be have been and will take place in your life ”

While  might be that they do know alot more than you now, the fact is that you are yourself a sparkle of the divine with the potential of divine source equal than all that is as your core is in prime source field of consciousness itself. This idea of equality is fundamental, while it is a fact that the DNA and behavour, perceptiona nd knowledge you express and apply makes you NOT EQUAL at all. If your not equality means : “you are the sheep of a predator” wouldnt be that a natural thing of life?  While if your inner sheep did wake up, wouldnt you yourself intent to leave the self-desempowerment life style and reach for self-empowerment and collaboration for self-empwerment?  Some only manage to reach individual self-empowerment while other reach collaboration self-empowerment.

My work is on self empowerment through love relationships (see the 3 learning programs that will change the world, and the All You need is love workshop/campaign) which means self-empowerment in the field of collaboration, cocreation, communication, love, relationships, which starts in individual self-empowerment and evolves up to social, cultural, national and global self-empowerment.

Enquire: is detachement the corner stone practice of sacred love? 

Detachement and attachement are both parts of life, molecules and particles in nature, cells, would not exists unless there are powerful forces brininging them together, if we would belief that dettachement is necessary for freedom,  for life, we would be mistaken, there wouldnt be life, organic life and material life, at all. Notice for example that  crystals needs attachement at molecule levels, and they grow even organic.

QUESTION: Is detachment supporting organic life, human species evolvement, legacy, sustainability, culture development?  Or is detachment dedicated to support the ability of the mind to melt the individual consciously in the field of the source of all that is, that is within every thing that is, that consciousness field of the divine?

While both, being organic life and one in union with prime source, the source of all that is, the consciousness field of all that is, are what we call a COMPLETE LIFE, the limitation to focus in  detachment alone would be mistaken as it would lead to self-desempowerment.

Consciousness as organic expression, is anchored in two qualities, how to be a good tree, and being a divine tree. Boths are necessary for the complete path of a tree. The same idea apply for human kind.

” Before enlightenment carry water, after the enligthenment carry water ”

The aim of union with the source of all that is, is an aim dedicated to consciousness, self empowerment, for being first what we are already, then knowing we are all that is.

Many have been lost in the path back to source, into the development and attractive empowerment of powers over matter, knowledge, information, mastering matter, energy or mind, even societies, wealth or complete worlds. The demigods path. and the demigods love challenge the golden ring of the Lord of the ring story telling.

While the divine path is dedicated to union with the source of all that is (Ref Odin theta Academy story telling) which is also described  in its double sided form by all story telling anchored in prime self union, union with all that is. (Ref. Symbolic/prime language / prime culture)

One must realize, is my perception, that forces that pool us together have a function in life, not always any attraction or connection that feels powerful is there  to limit us, but actually are creative forces. Like when one makes love this love passioanated force is creative, and bring the best out of love, growth, healing, joy, happpiness, transformation, family.

The fear to attachment is alot worst than the fear to detachment, in the same sense the fear to samsara (the eastern world of illusion) is worst than the fear to enlightenment (union with the source of all that is, alignment with divine purpose of our individual and collective self in daily life).

The first time i said: “Samsara is dharma” is was strongly criticized. As easter religiouse approaches are base don escaping from samsara. But any organic form of any manifestation of the supreme, primordial, field of consciousness, is our for, and there for right in all that is, not meant to be afraid of it, but to be embraced, nothing to escape from  but to honestly express, there for find the ground for new evolvements that belong and are potential to our organic nature.

Unless we search for a golden age culture, the golden knowledge would not be necessary at all.

The culture of the divine expressed in daily life, when organic matter and divine consciousness in alignment with the source of all that is are one, then true equality will take place and true honesty, honoring each other, respecting each other, will take place.

The path of sacred sexuality must innerstand ( be clear in the inner meaning ) the powerful forces the bound the lovers as for their purpose, of cocreating life, ensuring the survival of the species, and ability of taking decisions that empower culture, communication, collaboration, cocreation activelly, and as well self transformation through self empowerment at individual and collective level.

Detachment is not enough, must be also attachment! 



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