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ARE WOMEN DIFFERENT IF THEIR CULTURE BACKGROUND IS DIFFERENT ? After several years living abroad, based on experience and observation, i can tell that women from culture to culture are not different. It is a myth that women from Finland, are different from the Italian, Russian, or German ones. In Essence, are the same. Culture based behaviour and perception does not change at all the instict-organic behaviour of women. When it comes to decision making, judgement over value of events, priorities, process, all are the same. Some details may vary as how do women express or sign their affection to male, or their limits regarding what they consider acceptable or not regarding male. Probably this is the main issue that defines why women may be “like different” from culture to culture. Eventually only 1% of women may have develop a consciouss “different” behaviour, while 9% struggle into the intent of fining own uniqueness beyond DNA Organic or Collective Instict based behaviour, coloured by their cultural perceptions and customes (thinking, value, behaviour, priorities, choices). 90% Women, are actually the same.

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By Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

All you need  is love – Peace Campaign

The peace campaign does not mention it but is dedicated to peace in genreal, including the war of sex. An old argument used by the media that describe strategies applied by the women/female liberation movement.

  • What took place with this moevment and how the research on male behaviour have given women a conscious control over male psychology and love relationship, also on male role in human society?
  • Do male realize have been loosing control over their lifes, country, culture, nation, future?
  • Why women decided to engage into a demigod behaviour? (REF 9 stages of development)
  • Are male in agreement of living in eternal lack of consciousness, for the sake of the female dominion?
  • Are really male stupid? or is a belief women learned, used to help them perceive and desempower male?
  • Are the male that experience being desempowered by woman aware that their cases, experiences, are part of a global strategy for women empowerment?
  • Why male do not care about the female movement and why they should really care?
  • An example of extreme cases, ” male only want sex” statement and how have been used to desempower men and power based control human love relationships, rejecting other family or love relationship models or genders. (REF 9 genders, family or love relationship models poligamy ) Whay have this been done?
  • The nature of the new liberation movement. the liberation of the male and the liberation of love relationships.

0.Where all starts? 

Male have been for ages in a mother-son emotional-sexual bound with the female kind of the human species.

While the 90% of male just look after women looking for the care of the mother, and to go back to the womb, being involved again by the female nurturing, male in the process of recovering their mothers, make choices and shift preferences, in order to adjust themselves to female wishes.

1. Self-awareness

Women know this, and after bringing male to a sex-self-awareness state of mind, in such an organic primal state of awareness, that only wish for being back in the womb of the mother, may pull out, and give to the male the feeling of not being safe, lacking of protection, nurturing and love.

This very basic almost instinctive primal male experience turn a man into a child asking for mommy to love him back.

2. Vulnerability

This very innocent quality of man is very important for any love relationship, as well that one of a women to feel she is like a child, being cared by father.

Those states of vulnerability, are a sign of trust, trust in the loved one, trust will not be harmed, trust in the love and care the love relationship impplies.

3. Male in numbers

In modern times 90% of male after falling into vulnerability, when suddenly loose that feeling, will do anything necessary to come back to that field, where being vulnerable and open in trust, receiving love and nurturing, is the core experience of the love relationship.

4. Control applied, deception applied

Most men may react in agression, other in fear, other in control, other will play strong and hard and will leave, only to hurt back the women in the same field of vulnerability, and pull away themselves, creating a battle both of them. Eventually one of them will fall. In most cases, of marriages, the male fall, without knowing, in a way the male is not able to perceive any more what is really going on.

This kind of torture based manipulation create a deep experience of pain in the male, that feel can not trust the woman, or to be vulnerable with her. Women learned through emotional torture and castration to eductaed the male to behave according to their preferences.

Female has this ability of shifting male perception so many times that male become uncapable and unable to make choices, out of their self awareness, but enter the deception field of the woman, and make choices out of women play, with the belief they do choose themselves, but is actually the woman making choices for him, he will follow.

The art of deception of a women in this sense is power based, mind perception shifting enforced by emotional, sexual play, on the male vulnerability.

Some male, play the same game with women.

5. What is a love relationship?

Is this what we call the nature of love relationships in male and female. Male and female, may realize and understand this game in time, maybe out of observing or receiving conscious advice from their parents, friends, mentors or a love partner that decide to be honest and inform, educate their lover on how the lover have been deceive or manipulated. Eventually year after year of relationship the male notice.

6. The 9%

But 9% of the males are not falling into self deception, nor accept it as the nature of love relationships, nor accept this power based game as the nature of women, or the foundation of the gender atraction love game. 9% of male, and 9% of women, may look for something else.

A more conscious quality, in terms of love relationship, where the field of vulnerability is a sacred space where to honor the soul, the heart, the divine core in own heart, and love, family.

1%, is only focusing in the divine experience of love, fining in each other the core of divine source of all that is have been and will be (REF. Prime Love Culture).

7. The liberation of the male movement

But lets go back to the experience of sex and liberation of the male.

Women intent male to focus only on the fact they just want to have sex, and reduce their love relationships to SEX. Why woman do so? they do it as for destroying any pattern of conscious love in the male or in other women (in polygamy relationships).

It is very simple. when a woman say: “he just wanted to have sex with me”. It is clear every woman understands, The message is: this male deceived me only for sex. It means not necessary to belief the male telling wants or is dedicated to a field of divine love or truth.

8. What is sex, what is love making, what is male-women interaction for?

Eventually the women that use this strategy to show this facts are not capable to perceive the fact that there are many layers in a love making intention, as for conscious layers that integrate love making, for play, asexual love, divine love, sould and heart based love all together. Which is the practice of 9% of male, or eventually the wish of experience of 100% of male.

The deception lies in the idea that male only want sex, separating the integration of all the whole human being, from sex. This attitude is key to be understood, as it is itself a self deception the woman practice, in order to claim have been abused or are objects of sex.

While in many cases may be true that abuse is the strategy used by male, it is not a rule in all cases. While if a women would like to self deceive own self, may generalize, and claim: this male used me for sex. It is a very simple strategy.

There is no one in this plant earth that ONLY WANT SEX. Human being wants love, nurturing, care, divine connection, vulnerability.

The fact that human beings get losted in their minds and senses, or attached or pulled in their perception and reducing all they know in their life and replacing whole life only for their sex drive, does not mean that within their hearts, their core original intention, in a level of consciousness they may not be self aware of, they do want something elses.  After an intensive love making experience, an individual may loose perception of own self and focus only in sex, which shows one must engage into self-awareness, self-consciousness, heart based practices for reaching the ability of wholeness and love making in prime self union. There for the moevemnt of conscious love making and conscious sexuality, to master the second most powerful force in human organic life: “the sexual feeling that blinds”. An experience that male and female need to reach in order to understand their real nature and condition and in order to master it, for the sake of consciousness and love making ability in prime self union.

9. Conscious love making, conscious sexuality

  • I have met women that claim a male wanted only sex, as they did not want to realize they themselves as woman where not the best choice of a male, but a temporary experience or practice. An experience also look for enhancing human ability to master own sexuality, self awareness, consciousness, and own forces, psychology. As a practice, may be important as it helps to discover as well, the field of manipulation of a woman or a man, or liberate one self as a man for example, from the abuse a mother would play on the child being vulnerable. (REF, the edge between love making and practice)
  • “You just wanted to have sex with me” statements will have two intentional effects caused in a man: 1.) guilty, educated by modern society and 2.) frustration, as the space of vulnerability will not be there any more 3.) attachement, as a male may prefer to be in that bound or 4.) rejection if the male is self aware and realize is a manipulation.
  • If a male for example invite a woman to do a practice, is obviously dedicated to explore into own sexual forces and the ability to integrate the whole being, and self liberating own self from that woman.  That a woman after a practice claim: he only wanted to have sex, is not correct as the practice itself would involve also a sexual experience but the process of exploration means an additional presence and intention, and another form of honoring the space of love.

CASE: The tales of Anastasia Books and the Protectionist Demigoddess-Female movement. Strategies and approach to love, sexuality, and purpose of love relationship. 

Some movements that belief that sex should be only a practice for conception like the Anastasia movement, push the world psychichaly to belief that sex is the only reason why male want to make love with woman, and reject the possibility of making love as a practice of self awareness, consciousness, or  union with divine source. These type of sects, have a policy: male should not have sex, become matture, and only love, for having children only.

But whay this policy? how they perceive love relationship function for society? spirituality? personal development? Which should be the role of a male in the love relationship? Why male should create a world women decide alone?

( As well that other genders, and poligamy forms should not be practiced)

As a path based on belief, the readers of the books of  with tales of Anastasia, learned also can project their minds on any couple, love partner or male, and shift their thoughts and field of relationship, correcting in that sense, the kind of ove relationship they have, forcing a quantum pattern in the target humans, that will change their lifes, according to their belief.

It is their belief that this particular kind of power based practice, a demigod practice is good for the world ( REF 9 stages of development ). SO they do. Consider what they do intent when approach in their mind or thoughts the Pride events world wide, or polygamy love relationships?

This argument, male only what sex, have been used by them to claim that male must be used only for having children, and that a spiritual kind of force of love, would be enough for the male to be happy, and actually this kind of force will push the male to DO THE THINGS THEY WANT and believe are good for the world without them, the woman, having to have sex with them any more.


This idea, that sex with male is dangerouse, and woman must have 100% control of the male, as male are agressive, not responsible of their emotions or body, and want only sex, comes from the dark ages, where male were actually in that way.

But we talk about 90% of male, that is not informed that through self awareness and conscious love making practices, and other heart based and emotional self responsibility practices, can engage in to the practice of love making WITHOUT HARMING THE FEMALE SACRED WOMB, or ORGANIC LIGHT TISSUE dedicated to self manifestation.

Rules as the man have to be only with one single woman, apply, as for caring for this organic light tissue, which is key for manifestation and conception. But these rules are necessary only if male and actually also female, are 100% not self aware and 100% unresponsible.

For those male and female that are in the path of consciousness and self responsibility there are other practices and experiences they need to go through in order to care for the organic light tissue and sacred womb. (REF male have also a sacred womb).

The liberation of the male movement focus on the fact that the 9%+1% of conscious self aware and self responsible male, would like to empower the 90% of male to be free of the power based control woman play on them, for male and women to become free and enjoy conscious love making in union with the source of all that is have been and will be within their own hearts.

All you need is love site, will give you man and woman, a great clarity on what is possible, feasible for human kind and why the new liberation movement of love, dedicated to emopwer love relationships, the prime love culture, will bring the path of meditative conscious love making in prime self union, to the human world, and liberate human kind of the power based behaviour of the male and female demigods ( REF 9 stage sof love, 9 Stages of development, 9 Stages of the golden sphere of love, Prime love culture, Prime love )

REF. BOOKS by the same Author