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THE GYM: Prime Heart Based Consciousness applied to Prime Love Culture

Prime Heart Based Consciousness applied to Prime Love Culture

The most advanced skills reached by the experiential training programs developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, learning by doing, by playing, by creating, by having fun, learning by loving, learning in prime self union.

Training provided at the Prime Love GYM!

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At the Game of the Gods & The Goddesses in Prime Self union. Register, and receive your first series of excersices for 9 minutes training, receive points and gift certificates for next missions or GYM trainings, you will receive out of your performance reports and proof-test missions. Register now!

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Which primelove-ability would you like to develop? 

The 9 Min Prime Trainer Program in prime self union, brings to you daily the most essential and advanced practices and skills in a simple, efficient and effective format in 9 daily minutes.

The GYM Missions

The missions are a challenge where you will proof-test your new abilities at the field.

9 Minutes Training

  • Series of exercises and activities that take no more than 9 minutes.
  • 3, 5, 9 to more days in a row.
  • Start up, intensive, advanced programs will help you develop tangible abilities of application in the field of the work.
  • Includes video, audio or presentation or text based guide for your training.

The 9 Minutes

In 9 minutes daily you reach, in prime self union, union with the source core of all that is have been and will be within your own heart the most advanced heart based conscious prime abilities, skills, awareness, and prime doing-ability: the ability of tangible application.

  • Take a start up program of 5, 9, 18, days
  • Intermediate training of 27, 81 days
  • Advanced training on 324, 900 days.
  • Prime Training 1800, 2700 days

OUR GOAL: In 5 min & 3 min reach the same achievements as in 9 min.




Spiritual male along last centuries have created the space for a change of love relationship model and supported women for the role gender change.

  • But has the experiment become successful?
  • Why this change was necessary?

The complexity of changes, challenges, threats human species, cultures, nations, families, llife on earth had to experience require of a family model change. For which women had to take more responsibility and awaken own inner male capabilities, as well male awaken own inner female capabilities for both enter a field of equality, collaoration and cocreation, a field of self mastery and self responsibility as cocreatores of a new world. This field is the field of a self aware, self consciousess collectivly consciousss family.


in the traditional model, the woman did obbey all the man said, as for her ow protection, safety and security. The traditional model worked very well in that sense.


In the modern gender role system, most of relationships, husbands and wifes have been damaged, hurted, destroyed, killed, desempowered as for two capitans can not command the same ship unless are both selfaware, and spiritually self responsible at love stage 9. In the modern love relationship, women behaviour had brought men to be killed, companies, empires, projects to be damaged. Women for the sake of feeling they have the control, have sold their male, relationships, families, to the counter forces that play against life, peace, family, culture and heritage.


If a woman in modern times wish for safety, security, protection, and love relationship, family, culture, peace and life care, heritage, should take the traditional model and trust completly in the man as capitan of the ship of the love relationship, or be completely skilful and capable of self mastery, love stage 9, and of empowering the love relationship, and collaboration, communication, cocreation with the male as equal both of them responsible and self responsible of teh relationship but as well of each other well being and paths.


Unless lover partners are capable to support and care for each other, the actions, choices, preferences of one of them alone will bring the other one in great suffering, harm, or even death; as well if both capitans play at love stage 0, spiritual unresponsible selfishness, will harm not only their families, heritage, love partners, culture, but as well peace and the destiny of human kind. How many more generations will need woman and men to remember and learn the needs of our time.


Earth is in an evolutionary stage where conflict, lack of balance, forces polarization, interdimensional political and power based aims, as well as cultures, nations, governments, spiritual organization and corporations/organizations survival or fight for control, wealth or domination create a living environment a love relationship must be aware of.

Women must take responsibility not for demonstrating they can do what they want, but for being good wifes, mothers, peace makers, culture care takers, life caretakers, able to create heritage for future generations.

In the modern culture, when independent women feel a treath, the most common choice they will have is to domainte, destroy or sell their male to their enemies for survival; looking for collaboration and summission to their enemy, an enemy they can not master without collaboration, love stage 9, cocreation with male, in equality.


Other women will claim have been hurted, and for the sake of self helaing must belief that by desempowering and hurting male will feel better. This idea is unsane, it comes not from a healing approach to life but from a sick perception of love stage 0. One can not create healing out of suffering of a third party. The old model of victim-vitctimizer shift roles does not belong to human nature but to what modern human power based culture created on human kind. Which is the pattern we wish to take out of the equation. BUt if women keep on empowering a power based behaviour and relationship towards male, then, the foundations for change will be never built.


While most of woman are not yet at capacity of self mastery, love stage 9, nor even aware of the impact and harm their preferences, choices, solutions and ” i do what i want that is how i empower my self ” type of life style,  i take my power back through desempowerment, the future of human kind, while facing the most complex threats, is in danger.


Family is not only the key for society and culture, is the core unit for survival, life care, culture care, peace, and species life and development sustainability. Unless the human species becomes self aware and each individual capable of self mastery, the traditional models may save the human species from self destruction; or new love relationship models may appear with capable individuals of self-mastery, communication, collaboration, cocreation. When collective consciousness and the ability of caring for the organic soundling light tissue of the love relationship, fammily, culture and cocreation is cared, perceived, then love relationship partners will become fanaly capable to care for each other according to the spirtual reality of their relationships.


So far, modern culture is uncapable to feel the bound, the tissue that involve them connects them and that is generated out of the love relationship.


On top of this challenge women and male claim they will use every other male or female, in the way they want, for the sake of the feel of power and freedom, until finding the right man or women.


I can tell you, that if women and men behave in this way there is no future perfect male or female you will find.

You must create a new world, future, family model in every male-female interaction you have with conscious love making from your heart. Every male, even is not the choosen one, every woman, even is not the choosen one, must be treated as the one.

Only in this attitude we will change our world culture and create a future for human kind.


In the last 200 years, the female and male liberation movements, created a changing socity impact on human species globally, through the gender role change, and a field where love relationships and family must be redefined.

At the same time, this un stable social situation, has been the soil for the most unresponsible age of human kind regarding nature, culture, peace, development of technology, science, power over masses, and over individuals.

Human kind have developed at high speed, but as well decay in its ability of survival as species.


Each individual, male or female must become capable to feel the organic light tissue, and dedicate them self to conscious love making, and prime lovability, and the impact of events, choices, preferences, thoughts, emotions in it, humanity will not have a future as species.


Unless you have a family, or have had a family, you would not realize the importance of love making, love relationship, male and female gender roles for human species survival.

If one woman or man does not dedicate own self to the art of love making towards family, peace, culture, life care and heritage, has  mistaken the path.

A spiritual, cultural or social leader who is not on the path yet, must not be followed.


Women have forgotten their part in the relationship, their role and function of their gender in traditional love relationship models. While modern culture destryed traditional culture, when power based cultures destroyed the harmonious life of the family and love within love relationships, when the stage of love of humanity fall to level 0, when losted their ability of colalboration with male and fight for their ability to take own choices alone, asking males to stand what ever they do. THis kind of behaviour has only created harm in the future of humanity. Just to do what you want does not make woman free or self empowered. Self empowerment comes from self responsibility, self mastery of own emotions, fears, doubst, thoughts, choices, behaviour, for the sake of collaboration, cocreation, manifestation, and personal and spirtual development in a world in need of peace, family, culture, life care and heritage, in a world that needs the human species to rurvive through family.


Many men have also forgotten how to care for their women at love stage 9. IN our modern times, if any man or women manage to evolve up to love stage 5, or love stage 9, must care for each other in their relationship through self mastery and own choices, and preferences. Otherwise, the future of family and human species wouldnt exist.


Our world, global culture, the human species will evolve as well the family models will upgrade, thanks to human individuals upgrade of consciousness and capacity of love relationship and care for each other.


For which spiritual self responsibility, self mastery is necessary, collective self awareness and new abilities in terms of consciousness, communication sensitivity of the family field and the love bound of life, are necessary.

You must know what you care for, the field you must be responsible of, and how to sense it, cocreate it with your love partners, family and community members, by shifting from a women or men power based society into a soecity of love, collaboration, cocreation: a love making culture.

There is nothing in your ideas, concepts, aims, language, or political views you will be able to do, in order to save human kind or your own species unless the essential level stage of love rises within your heart, the ability of collective consciousness and self awareness rises in your inner senses, the self mastery of own self, choices, preferences life style for the sake of the organic sounding light tissue of life to be cared.


Then change, take responsibility, give love, give equality, make love, rise your consciousness to love stage 9, cocreate with your love partner(s) the organic sounding light tissue of life, manifest the future of human kind as an act of cocreation, manifestation, love making, family, culture, peace, life care and heritage. Go back to the heart’s core of life. – ”

Odin Theta < All you need is love, peace capaign >