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(ENQUIRE) What means to be a spiritual teacher: The Prime Culture Masters – The art of self Mastery

Along my spiritual journey i have had encounters with beings of all kinds, and obviously, exposed to the world a very common challenge arised into my path when some of these individuals o met claimed to be Masters of others and suggested to be Masters of myself, there for rights, or property over any other one, life, life path or work,  just because gave an initiation or shared some time, or provocated an experience.

Along my Journey, i have confronted several of those that intented to enforce in my self , in my students and in my network andbloodline  relatives and family house, the idea, perception, of them being Masters. A power based manipoolation and enforced programing of perception, for their own aims. Gladly, i am inmune to such.

No one is your master unless you consciously ask for teaching and this individual or field of consciousness to bring you by their teaching as it is. No one is a student of any master, unless accepted as such.

I my self never took any master, nor became student of any one.

Those that go around claiming every one is master of each other are a great danger for human kind, as their deeds are only delussional and desinforming missperceiving, on reality of themselves and the world they live in.

Enquire, what means mastery, what means self mastery, what means knowledge, consciousness, love, self awareness?

According to level of coonsciousness ( Stage of love ) the idea of a master, its function and principle, may vary. Also between human species the idea or perception of a master may vary. For a power based tradition or religion the role of a master may be filled By individuals with certain conditions, borned, or developed, or awakened.

Some that decided to believ are Masters themselves have practiced to force an astral projection/travel in their students and tell them: ” I am your master, i have unvail your mind and heart from the unknown, i show you the truth”. But to enforce astral travel is only an act of power and abuse. On the other side, astral projection or astral world is not the truth, only one realm of the whole, there for to claim that astral travel gives you knowledge or ability to know is only a deception, desinformation and ilussion.

Others, claim to be Masters as in a channeling were told By spirits that every one is a master. So they call Masters to each other even they have no consciousness, knowledge, stage of development or love achieved.

Just to be yourself does not give you the ability of introducing any one in the path of self mastery. It is a sign of great unresponsibility of the new age movement, inclduing star seeds, indigos, crystals, light workers, rainbows and other movements, including the shoe-in and walk-in (better known as Osho students) to call themselves Masters as for just being borned and being themselves and showing how to express themselves. Just to be yourself does not give you the ability of introducing any one in the path of self mastery.

In The Prime Culture : The Art of Self Mastery

A master and student are temporary roles, which sign the conscious ability for collaboration towards the manifestation of an experience, of knowledge, self-awareness, consciousness.

Every one is as for own nature, made of the same quality of divine source it self when perceived at the field of consciousness of prime source. But not equal, in terms of what the sparkle of divine consciousness self express, through DNA, Knowledge, Consciousness level and abilities.

In some cases, a master may change the field of consciousness, rising the energy and potential of the field, and By doing so, invite the inner being of the students for a journey, that they themselves would be able to manifest By their own.

A master is capable to introduce you consciously into the experience of knowledge and bring you By the ability of self mastery.

The Journey of Prime Love…

Why LUIS provides personalized services? ( CUSTOMER PROTECTION POLICY)

Why LUIS provides personalized services?


  • There are no two equal individuals, families, communities, networks, cultures, nations, governments or companies
  • Personalized design of a learning, coaching or consultancy process ensure customer satisfaction
  • Every customer preferences, needs, life process are considered along a personalized service experience
  • One learning program can not and should not be provided with the same process for two different individuals.
  • LUIS suggests not only a variety of content, methods, practices, wisdom, techniques, intensity, priorities, knowledge, to each customer, but as well a unique learning process.
  • Prime technology can not be copied or applied without previouse foundation training as trainer.
  • It is not possible, and would be a scam, if some one claims to know prime technology and teach it without having a certification and proof-tested training, it means not only capacity to apply in the field of the work, application, but also experience and ability to teach by applying the method, language utilized and designed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and the capacity to lead and design a personalized learning process for the customers
  • Personalized services make it possible for customers to choose/take a services with LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken, the creator of Prime Technology Applied Know How.
  • Personalized services help customers  understand that any copy or intent to reproduce his services is not only unresponsible but should be considered as ilegal or an act against customers rights of a quality of service.
  • Customers of prime technology should have the right to be respected for their interest and receive prime technology training, coaching and consultancy as it is.
  • A personalized training make also possible to assign points or gift certificates for customers, according to their own performance, loyalty and development process.
  • It is true in prime technology we apply standards and stages of development but also consider the individual learning process as key for decision making regarding the development process of the customers ( self learning ability, capacity of tangible application, collaboration, communication cocreativity with the trainer/coach/consultant) there for a personalized service make it possible for LUIS to assign to custmers the right evaluation results and advice regarding their application capacity according to own standards.
  • LUIS prefers to meet one by one each customer and care personally for their experience, and satisfactory achievements, set of realistic goals and give truthful information regarding what prime technology and prime culture are, and what can one achieve through them.
  • LUIS encourages personalized design of the learning program, coaching or consultancy also for the cases of 100% money back guaranty (not all services give this right to customers)
  •  Personalized services éncourages an honest communication between LUIS and his customers which supports a balanced learning proces which includes  realistic goals, customers capacity, and according to case how effective would be the training, process or method.
  • LUIS invites every one interested to teach prime technology applied, prime love culture and prime culture to join a complete training program for trainers.

THE GYM: Prime Heart Based Consciousness applied to Prime Love Culture

Prime Heart Based Consciousness applied to Prime Love Culture

The most advanced skills reached by the experiential training programs developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, learning by doing, by playing, by creating, by having fun, learning by loving, learning in prime self union.

Training provided at the Prime Love GYM!

Where you receive the assistantce for this training?

At the Game of the Gods & The Goddesses in Prime Self union. Register, and receive your first series of excersices for 9 minutes training, receive points and gift certificates for next missions or GYM trainings, you will receive out of your performance reports and proof-test missions. Register now!

Why LUIS Provides Personalized services ? ( Review our customer protection policy)

Which primelove-ability would you like to develop? 

The 9 Min Prime Trainer Program in prime self union, brings to you daily the most essential and advanced practices and skills in a simple, efficient and effective format in 9 daily minutes.

The GYM Missions

The missions are a challenge where you will proof-test your new abilities at the field.

9 Minutes Training

  • Series of exercises and activities that take no more than 9 minutes.
  • 3, 5, 9 to more days in a row.
  • Start up, intensive, advanced programs will help you develop tangible abilities of application in the field of the work.
  • Includes video, audio or presentation or text based guide for your training.

The 9 Minutes

In 9 minutes daily you reach, in prime self union, union with the source core of all that is have been and will be within your own heart the most advanced heart based conscious prime abilities, skills, awareness, and prime doing-ability: the ability of tangible application.

  • Take a start up program of 5, 9, 18, days
  • Intermediate training of 27, 81 days
  • Advanced training on 324, 900 days.
  • Prime Training 1800, 2700 days

OUR GOAL: In 5 min & 3 min reach the same achievements as in 9 min.

(ENQUIRE) Prime Love Culture

Prime Love Culture is not limited by any love relationship model (REF. 9 love relationship models) but focus on the creation of the necessary conditions for peace, family, community, culture, nation, government, life care and heritage.

  • According to 9 stages of love, heart based consciousnes and prime loveability, the love relationship may express itself through a variety of forms.
  • The main quality of any prime love relationship is that is dedicated to human kind upgrade, care and evolution as species,  which imply also children conception and family care, as well as the development of a culture.


  • PRIME LOVE AS CULTURE EXPRESSION Prime Love is the core foundation of the Prime Love Culture, and the quantum field in which families are developed as core unit of the prime love culture development, self expression and survival.
  • Prime Love is applied within the individual process necessary for reaching self-mastery, as well as for the development of a family, care of a clan, friendship, build up of community, network, village, nation, care for a territory, projects of development, wealth, expansion, and government.
  • The Land where the prime culture is developed is called the Prime Land 9th, or the 9th Continent, and its citizens have an ID, Passport and nationality or visa entry, integration program, representations world wide and programs of collaboration with other cultures, nations or ocuntries. (please read below for more details)
  • LOVABILITY  Lovability is described as the ability to love at the first heart sight which is key for prime culture love relationships. Prime Love must be correctly perceived and practiced.
  • LOVE STAGES & PRIME LOVE PRACTICE While it is very rare that individuals with love stage capacity and consciousness under level 5 to understand prime love, eventually if interested, may apply prime love according to their own awareness and support their own development process by observing prime culture costumes and guidelines.
  • For prime love culture the nine prime love sphere stages of development of a love relationship observed from the point of view of meditative conscious love making, are a guide of milestones for a prime love relationship.
  • The 9 Roles, degress of intensity and ranking levels of prime love relationship assigned to love partners are a guide for love relationship regarding flexible or non flexible, 1-2-1 or collective love relationship structures, where to apply prime love practices, asexual love, foreplay, love making, children conception and family.



  • THE 9TH CONTINENT The 9th Continent is for example may include prime culture nations all over, being a non geographically localized land.
  • GOVERNANCE The Government of the land, may integrate representatives of all nations that are expressions of the same culture, and of their families.
  • CITIZENS Citizens are members (with passport and citizenship) of the 9th Continent, (the Prime Land 9th, a non geo-localized territory that provides a self organized government for its citizens), individuals that claim the self granted right of being nationals and caretakers of the Prime culture. As Citizens of the 9th Continent have voice within the government and clans caretakers and responsible of the reactivation and development of Prime Culture. (REF: The 9th Continent, The Government )
  • INFLUENCE IN THE WORLD: As many individuals, families, clans there are,  citizens of the 9th continent, the prime culture will evolve and develop, share its wisdom and knowledge, and positive influence for global culture world wide.
  • INDIVIDUAL SELF-MASTERY The self-mastery individual abilities are a prime culture development foundation. Also necessary for love relationship.
  • LOVE RELATIONSHIP : A love relationship and family are the ideal path of cultural integration and application for the 9th continent citizenship, right of entry or nationality.(REF Integration Program, Visa, Citizenship)
  • Love relationship aim is prime culture aim, there for a love relationship which evolves into family, expression of the prime culture is a great foundation and argument for the claim of the citizenship right at the 9th continent ( REF. Passport claim )
  • CITIZENSHIP BENEFITS: Which are the benefits of being a citizen of the 9th continent?  The collaboration with its government, make possible collaboration, cocreation, communication, network, community between individuals, families, clans, organizations and projects caretakers of the prime culture. Several benefits as for rights, duties, are authomatically granted for passholders, citizens, nationals and visa holders. The most important one, of being a nation wich caretakes and is expression of the prime culture, and apply the prime technology.
  • INTEGRATION An integration program as candidate to the right of citizenship, visa or national status, follows a training program as for the ones provided by the Odin Theta Academy, The Prime Tech Training Program, The Prime Love Training Program, GJO Academy, Prime Yoga School and the Odin Theta Dating Seminars Program and The Game of the Gods and the Goddesses in Prime Self Union.
  • PEACE & HERITAGE The Culture and DNA inheritance of prime culture members will be observed and considered as foundation for inner peace and soil of training for peace making, within the prime culture. ( For example, in the case of Odin Theta, he has Italy, Spain, China, Nordic, Slavic DNA, being an Euroasia, also with cultural influence of Germanic cultures – Switzerland, Austria, Tirol and Germany-, Southamerica, Russia, Finland, Israel, Belgium and Japan, Odin Theta have the aim of creating peace within all of these cultural influenced within own self, there for find paths for world peace making)
  • FAMILY HOUSE The idea of family is extended to the whole family house, it means the complete family tree perceived from the most ancient node cluster of the family or a mythical family member. (REF, Odin Theta Family, Are the Amalien, Aldana & Maldonado, From the house of  Theodor the Great and of King Berig from Skandinavia, House of Odin, and the House Fonken, from China)
  • Family is the most important factor of the prime culture, and prime culture members are dedicated to care for own family according to prime culture codex, set of values and priorities.
  • Even in case of a nation being forbidden in the prime culture, citizen right or pass holder right, at the 9th land, family members would be always welcome within the process of inclusion designed for a family house or clan. (Forbidden nations Example) ( Family House and Clan example )
  • Family member that have broken the Prime Culture Codex, provocated, jeopardize or endangered the life, family, path or wealth of any other family member will be perceived as family members still but banned in terms of voice right within the family council r clans council. ( For example, Odin Theta direct family relatives in Southermarica, some of them has been banned)
  • Family three is welcome and invited to integrate prime culture within its family tree culture, while natural and traditional family costumes, codex, values will be honored and respected, as well as the wisdom and authority of their clans and family councils.
  • Family and clan have great influence on a prime culture family, as the first field of consciousness interacting to it.
  • BLOODLINE The right of bloodline, is stronger and receive TOP priority than any other one relationship. Only the Spiritual lineage is a strong as family bloodline, while it is a prime culture custome that there will be no conflict found between Spiritual lineage and Family Bloodline. ( For example Odin Theta Spiritual lineage is that one of the House of The Sun, The Prime Core field of Consciousness, The one of the Gods and Goddesses in Prime self union).
  • CLAN While a clan is self organized conscious structure of the family house, which may include a clan council  with family clusters representatives.
  • COMMUNITY A Community is made of one or more family clusters, and individuals or other family clusters living in the same location. Ideal is that all family clusters sharing the location engage into prime culture.
  • FRIENDSHIP Friendship can be developed between families and family members, or between mebers of families. Friends may have rank but not influence on family.
  • While a prime friendship impply a direct bound of collaboration for the aims of the prime culture, in terms of support and backup fsupport of friends projects, wealth, family care and life development; or in case of a critical life risk, friends and their families may host/care for one friend or family, within own family/clan field, which is a very uncommon case and suggested only under extreme circustances, as this act of support  may affect the whole community or village stability of the organic sounding light tissue.
  • VILLAGE: A village is built based on 3 or more communities which agree on collaboration and cocreation.
  • NATION: While a nation involve all communities that share one territory and prime culture. A nation is in general the expression of a culture in its location/territory customs, language, history self expression.


  • Follows rank and priority role.
  • Focus on the aim of the Prime Love Culture
  • Apply prime technology for communication, decision making and collaboration, analysis, strategy design, process management, and governance. 


In the Rank  of Prime Culture, the 9th Continent,  the Prime Master has the highest rank.

The rank is given according to stage of capacity of tangible application of prime technology and prime culture knowledge.

  • 9+) Prime Master, Odin Theta
  • 9) Prime Masters Council
  • 8) Prime Masters. Stage 9 of capacity for tangible application
  • 7) Council of Grand Masters
  • 6) Grand Master, Stage 8 of capacity for tangible application
  • 5) Masters Assembly
  • 4) Master, Stage 7 of capacity for tangible application
  • 3) Self-master Assembly
  • 2) Self-master, Stage 6 of capacity for tangible application
  • 1) Self-master Apprentice, Stage 5 of capacity for tangible application
  • 0) U-XI D-XI,  Stage 4 of capacity for tangible application
  • Candidates, Stage 0-3  of capacity for tangible application



  • For example,  an open love relationship model, can be seen as stage of development in between monogamy and closed love relationship in polygamy. Why not open relationship is supported by the prime culture? as for the knowledge on the organic sounding light tissue (REF, Prime Love) which is necessary to be cared for the development of family, ability of manifestation and culture. The open relationship or hidden love partners, are perceived as love relationship model that sustains a toxine within the culture.


  • In its several forms for monogamy and pologamy love relationships, ensure the stability of the organic sounding light tissue, key field of quantum cocreation. THis field is the most important key for the prime love culture.


  • While love making practices are suggested within love relationship partners, eventually spiritual friends or friends may agree to join those practices. (REF. Foreplay and love making society/ The edge between love making and practice). To empower this open form relationship based on the agreement on intention of personal and spiritual development, a heart based practice, will and can incolve several love making and foreplay practitioners sharing with one. But this stage of practice or exploration has a time. As soon as one practitioner find a love partner, the stage of development dedicated to love relationship and knowledge of the organic sounding light tissue is available and necessary. There for the love relationship model will shift from open to closed as practice is not any more the focus but love making.



  • Within a Prime Love relationship, Ranking of its love partners is associated to aims, capacity to apply tangibly, and prime lovabilities. That are described through 9+ stages of development. The Ranking is necessary as for decision making in terms of preferences regarding qualifications lover partners may have, for example CHI love partners, or Omicron love partners, for interacting with the organic sounding light tissue of the relationship.

Love Relationship Toxine

  • In both cases the toxin of jelousy, power, enforced priority, rank or degree out of sexual manipulation or envy, or control issues will not be supported by the alphas nor by the love relationship love partners. (main poligamy culture quality).
  • Another type of toxine is that one of manipulation within same love relationship when the rank or priority set is used for putting down other lover partners.
  • Toxines are of many kind, each love relatinship collective must learn through daily life and sensitivity of the impacts generated by preferences, choices, decision making, on the organic sounding light tissue; and there for identify the tixin and the necessary cure.
  • In general, individuals that are used to monogamy type of relationship, has their communication, self expression, ettiquette, collaboration, cocreativity, emotions,  sensitivity and abilities not yet tunned for poligamy.  In several cases, as it would take care for their own monogamy relationships, the toxine has to do with their stage of love, and consciousness. IN general in monogamy type of relationships these toxins are not perceivable nor correctly innerstood/understood as for the famage those toxines can create in the love relationship and family.
  • Unless individuals that choose a poligamy prime love relations ( and wish to leave the monogamy prime love relationship), go through a training program, would become dangerous threat for a poligamy love relationship.
  • There are many traits, perception, behaviour and concepts that while being used by monogamy type of relationship, will not apply for polygamy.











ACT WITH HONOR – Share your wealth with those that supported you to grow and reach more wealth!

ACT WITH HONOR – Share your wealth with those that supported you to grow and reach more wealth!

Pay respect to life.
Pay respect to the lineage of primordial teachers and their teachings.
Pay respect to the your own heart
Act with honor
Act centered within divine consciusness
Act based on the visible and invisible truth
Within your heart, if you listen carefully you know
Spiritual forces have been supporting you
The empowering flow of your friends, teachers, family house and inner core have been supporting you
Pay homage and respect to all and each of them by acting tangibly
Share your wealth as sign of respect,
Share your wealth as an act of honor
As your wealth is love, expressed in a tangible form
Share your wealth with those that supported you to grow and reach more wealth
Act with honor
Pay respect to the your own heart
Pay respect to the lineage of primordial teachers and their teachings.
Pay respect to life.
Act with Honor

– Odin Theta

The Asgardians Report : World Status of The 9 Clans Cultural Heritage & its Future

NEW e-book:

The Asgardians Report : World Status of The 9 Clans Cultural Heritage & its Future

Report of Asgardians emissaries for the Global Asgard Government Plan 2015

Story Telling in prime language by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken


The asgardians have been observing the development of history after the dark age, when the power based clan invaded all settlements of the children of the 9 clans. After the 9 clans council, the settlements where dedicated to bring its culture into future = present = past time lines for the return of the golden age. Where the power based clan came from, who and what are they made of, who sent them or made them and what for? those are the questions the emmisaries of Asgard have been trying to answer along the last millenia of history in several time lines and realms of the divine quantumverse.

May human kind cultures prevail while facing the children of the power based clan virus on their blodlines, collectives and organizations, governments, information and beliefs?

If the 9 clans council was right in time the future past and present of human kind will be saved, but there are no tangible positive indicators that the 9 clans council was right, so far the asgard emmisaries can tell, through their report.
Follow up Odin Theta adventures at the Odin Theta Diaries.

The Asgard Project

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