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Why LUIS provides personalized services? ( CUSTOMER PROTECTION POLICY)

Why LUIS provides personalized services?


  • There are no two equal individuals, families, communities, networks, cultures, nations, governments or companies
  • Personalized design of a learning, coaching or consultancy process ensure customer satisfaction
  • Every customer preferences, needs, life process are considered along a personalized service experience
  • One learning program can not and should not be provided with the same process for two different individuals.
  • LUIS suggests not only a variety of content, methods, practices, wisdom, techniques, intensity, priorities, knowledge, to each customer, but as well a unique learning process.
  • Prime technology can not be copied or applied without previouse foundation training as trainer.
  • It is not possible, and would be a scam, if some one claims to know prime technology and teach it without having a certification and proof-tested training, it means not only capacity to apply in the field of the work, application, but also experience and ability to teach by applying the method, language utilized and designed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and the capacity to lead and design a personalized learning process for the customers
  • Personalized services make it possible for customers to choose/take a services with LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken, the creator of Prime Technology Applied Know How.
  • Personalized services help customers  understand that any copy or intent to reproduce his services is not only unresponsible but should be considered as ilegal or an act against customers rights of a quality of service.
  • Customers of prime technology should have the right to be respected for their interest and receive prime technology training, coaching and consultancy as it is.
  • A personalized training make also possible to assign points or gift certificates for customers, according to their own performance, loyalty and development process.
  • It is true in prime technology we apply standards and stages of development but also consider the individual learning process as key for decision making regarding the development process of the customers ( self learning ability, capacity of tangible application, collaboration, communication cocreativity with the trainer/coach/consultant) there for a personalized service make it possible for LUIS to assign to custmers the right evaluation results and advice regarding their application capacity according to own standards.
  • LUIS prefers to meet one by one each customer and care personally for their experience, and satisfactory achievements, set of realistic goals and give truthful information regarding what prime technology and prime culture are, and what can one achieve through them.
  • LUIS encourages personalized design of the learning program, coaching or consultancy also for the cases of 100% money back guaranty (not all services give this right to customers)
  •  Personalized services éncourages an honest communication between LUIS and his customers which supports a balanced learning proces which includes  realistic goals, customers capacity, and according to case how effective would be the training, process or method.
  • LUIS invites every one interested to teach prime technology applied, prime love culture and prime culture to join a complete training program for trainers.




Spiritual male along last centuries have created the space for a change of love relationship model and supported women for the role gender change.

  • But has the experiment become successful?
  • Why this change was necessary?

The complexity of changes, challenges, threats human species, cultures, nations, families, llife on earth had to experience require of a family model change. For which women had to take more responsibility and awaken own inner male capabilities, as well male awaken own inner female capabilities for both enter a field of equality, collaoration and cocreation, a field of self mastery and self responsibility as cocreatores of a new world. This field is the field of a self aware, self consciousess collectivly consciousss family.


in the traditional model, the woman did obbey all the man said, as for her ow protection, safety and security. The traditional model worked very well in that sense.


In the modern gender role system, most of relationships, husbands and wifes have been damaged, hurted, destroyed, killed, desempowered as for two capitans can not command the same ship unless are both selfaware, and spiritually self responsible at love stage 9. In the modern love relationship, women behaviour had brought men to be killed, companies, empires, projects to be damaged. Women for the sake of feeling they have the control, have sold their male, relationships, families, to the counter forces that play against life, peace, family, culture and heritage.


If a woman in modern times wish for safety, security, protection, and love relationship, family, culture, peace and life care, heritage, should take the traditional model and trust completly in the man as capitan of the ship of the love relationship, or be completely skilful and capable of self mastery, love stage 9, and of empowering the love relationship, and collaboration, communication, cocreation with the male as equal both of them responsible and self responsible of teh relationship but as well of each other well being and paths.


Unless lover partners are capable to support and care for each other, the actions, choices, preferences of one of them alone will bring the other one in great suffering, harm, or even death; as well if both capitans play at love stage 0, spiritual unresponsible selfishness, will harm not only their families, heritage, love partners, culture, but as well peace and the destiny of human kind. How many more generations will need woman and men to remember and learn the needs of our time.


Earth is in an evolutionary stage where conflict, lack of balance, forces polarization, interdimensional political and power based aims, as well as cultures, nations, governments, spiritual organization and corporations/organizations survival or fight for control, wealth or domination create a living environment a love relationship must be aware of.

Women must take responsibility not for demonstrating they can do what they want, but for being good wifes, mothers, peace makers, culture care takers, life caretakers, able to create heritage for future generations.

In the modern culture, when independent women feel a treath, the most common choice they will have is to domainte, destroy or sell their male to their enemies for survival; looking for collaboration and summission to their enemy, an enemy they can not master without collaboration, love stage 9, cocreation with male, in equality.


Other women will claim have been hurted, and for the sake of self helaing must belief that by desempowering and hurting male will feel better. This idea is unsane, it comes not from a healing approach to life but from a sick perception of love stage 0. One can not create healing out of suffering of a third party. The old model of victim-vitctimizer shift roles does not belong to human nature but to what modern human power based culture created on human kind. Which is the pattern we wish to take out of the equation. BUt if women keep on empowering a power based behaviour and relationship towards male, then, the foundations for change will be never built.


While most of woman are not yet at capacity of self mastery, love stage 9, nor even aware of the impact and harm their preferences, choices, solutions and ” i do what i want that is how i empower my self ” type of life style,  i take my power back through desempowerment, the future of human kind, while facing the most complex threats, is in danger.


Family is not only the key for society and culture, is the core unit for survival, life care, culture care, peace, and species life and development sustainability. Unless the human species becomes self aware and each individual capable of self mastery, the traditional models may save the human species from self destruction; or new love relationship models may appear with capable individuals of self-mastery, communication, collaboration, cocreation. When collective consciousness and the ability of caring for the organic soundling light tissue of the love relationship, fammily, culture and cocreation is cared, perceived, then love relationship partners will become fanaly capable to care for each other according to the spirtual reality of their relationships.


So far, modern culture is uncapable to feel the bound, the tissue that involve them connects them and that is generated out of the love relationship.


On top of this challenge women and male claim they will use every other male or female, in the way they want, for the sake of the feel of power and freedom, until finding the right man or women.


I can tell you, that if women and men behave in this way there is no future perfect male or female you will find.

You must create a new world, future, family model in every male-female interaction you have with conscious love making from your heart. Every male, even is not the choosen one, every woman, even is not the choosen one, must be treated as the one.

Only in this attitude we will change our world culture and create a future for human kind.


In the last 200 years, the female and male liberation movements, created a changing socity impact on human species globally, through the gender role change, and a field where love relationships and family must be redefined.

At the same time, this un stable social situation, has been the soil for the most unresponsible age of human kind regarding nature, culture, peace, development of technology, science, power over masses, and over individuals.

Human kind have developed at high speed, but as well decay in its ability of survival as species.


Each individual, male or female must become capable to feel the organic light tissue, and dedicate them self to conscious love making, and prime lovability, and the impact of events, choices, preferences, thoughts, emotions in it, humanity will not have a future as species.


Unless you have a family, or have had a family, you would not realize the importance of love making, love relationship, male and female gender roles for human species survival.

If one woman or man does not dedicate own self to the art of love making towards family, peace, culture, life care and heritage, has  mistaken the path.

A spiritual, cultural or social leader who is not on the path yet, must not be followed.


Women have forgotten their part in the relationship, their role and function of their gender in traditional love relationship models. While modern culture destryed traditional culture, when power based cultures destroyed the harmonious life of the family and love within love relationships, when the stage of love of humanity fall to level 0, when losted their ability of colalboration with male and fight for their ability to take own choices alone, asking males to stand what ever they do. THis kind of behaviour has only created harm in the future of humanity. Just to do what you want does not make woman free or self empowered. Self empowerment comes from self responsibility, self mastery of own emotions, fears, doubst, thoughts, choices, behaviour, for the sake of collaboration, cocreation, manifestation, and personal and spirtual development in a world in need of peace, family, culture, life care and heritage, in a world that needs the human species to rurvive through family.


Many men have also forgotten how to care for their women at love stage 9. IN our modern times, if any man or women manage to evolve up to love stage 5, or love stage 9, must care for each other in their relationship through self mastery and own choices, and preferences. Otherwise, the future of family and human species wouldnt exist.


Our world, global culture, the human species will evolve as well the family models will upgrade, thanks to human individuals upgrade of consciousness and capacity of love relationship and care for each other.


For which spiritual self responsibility, self mastery is necessary, collective self awareness and new abilities in terms of consciousness, communication sensitivity of the family field and the love bound of life, are necessary.

You must know what you care for, the field you must be responsible of, and how to sense it, cocreate it with your love partners, family and community members, by shifting from a women or men power based society into a soecity of love, collaboration, cocreation: a love making culture.

There is nothing in your ideas, concepts, aims, language, or political views you will be able to do, in order to save human kind or your own species unless the essential level stage of love rises within your heart, the ability of collective consciousness and self awareness rises in your inner senses, the self mastery of own self, choices, preferences life style for the sake of the organic sounding light tissue of life to be cared.


Then change, take responsibility, give love, give equality, make love, rise your consciousness to love stage 9, cocreate with your love partner(s) the organic sounding light tissue of life, manifest the future of human kind as an act of cocreation, manifestation, love making, family, culture, peace, life care and heritage. Go back to the heart’s core of life. – ”

Odin Theta < All you need is love, peace capaign >




(ENQUIRE) In which stage of love are set your life priorities ?

(ENQUIRE) In which stage of love are set your life priorities ?

Most of the 7 billions humans on the planet would feel satisfied by not giving or giving one euro for charity, but not for not eating that icecream or not taking that trip or buying that book that planned for themselves for so long.

Human priorities are set based on wants, not on divine perception, and for most of humans that claim to be spirtual, their requests in the name of a higher good are based on wants, again, not anchored in divine perception.

There for, priorities of human kind are as important as the level of consciousness human kind expresses

  • Which is the stage of love you life your life with ?
  • Act with honor, set your life priorities acchording to a higher stage of love!
  • Take responsibility of the life of your species consciously!


SELF-MASTERY OF OWN WEALTH Practices in ESPOO The Golden Forest

Practices in ESPOO
The Golden Forest

Luis will share and practice this comming tuesday, at the forest of Espo the first series of ” earth purifying practices” for every one interested to turn back wealth for humanity.

An empowering practice dedicated to self-mastery of the earth element and own wealth, culture, family and own personal and spiritual heart based consciousness wealth.

Wish to meet you there!

A life with honor

Live a life with honor

Lead a life with honor
Respect life
By all means peace
Love, Family, Knowledge
Culture, Community, Nation
Arts, Organization & Government
Respect life, care and develop it
Choose the path of truth, honesty, transparency
Support the children to grow with honor
Support men and women to live with honor
Support cultures and nations to live with honor
Become part of the tissue of life
Create an heritage for future generations based on a life lived with honor
Live with honor and life will care for you
Live your path with honor
There is only one path, we come from prime source and we go back to prime source.

Odin Theta, Prime Master Jedi Lumal Foda

Prime love trainings are tangible transformational experiences, not a concept (package) for a product

Prime love trainings are tangible transformational experiences, not a concept (package) for a product

As in the conscious sexuality industry, the same intent is eventually packed under several names or concepts (products), it is necessary to make it clear.

In the case of prime love, lovability, meditative conscious foreplay and meditative conscious love making as practices, training, products, are all of them not conceptual, each one is different form the other one and each of them bring practitioners to a unique focus and benefits, skills and states of consciousness, self awareness, emotional self management.



A call to action by Prime Master Lumal Foda –  GJO


“… While many like the feeling of love, being loved and self love, very few are capable to commit. Commit in which sense? Love is an organic expression of a creative divine impulse, sparkle, in its organic quantum self expression, it plays with time and process, as a seed brings out a tree; there for intentional love is not enough; when intention brings energy and eventually lift the vibration of the field, the lack of tangibility bring the development of events into a state that is lacking of ground, direction, unfolding, development or possible outcomes. Unless your ground and development is continuously tangibly supported, care (as for peace, family, culture, peace, life and heritage), there is nothing that would be accomplished with emotionality and intentionality or conceptuality associated to it. Intentional, conceptual, emotional love is not enough for this age, and will not be enough for reaching the golden each and rise of a primordial culture. Lack of tangibility creates lack of resources, process, collaboration at the right time, and there for the process or events or achievements necessary for building up a new culture do not take place in the culture, nor in the collective nor in the networks. Information, inspiration and individual self awareness or consciousness is not enough. Tangible love is necessary. A tangible love that becomes collective, that transforms through organization and interaction, that creates out of natural self expression and cocreation, also structure as intuitive exploration of creative qualities and consciousness heart based knowledge. A world created by a Prime Humanic Culture, is a tangible love based. Any other form of love is uncomplete. I know people ask for things, like trainings free, support free, association and membership, belong to something. But what they give and offer must be tangible given created done from their hearts, according to what the projects needs. It is necessary discipline, a conscious effort. Intentionality, conceptual discussion, emotionality, is not enough, nor the individual vibration or heart based consciousness of them or you. Tangible love means the ability to give tangibly what is necessary for the work to be done.Unless than quality of love is present, all projects will one by one will be discontinued. Leaving the world development in the hands of INTENTIONALITY, which creates an illusory development process. When intentionality doe snot reach tangibility, when the bridge isnt there, the only result is a delusional culture and behaviour. I know many intentional people in the world that creates based on that intentionality i refer to something like bubbles of culture that have no tangible impact in the whole earth planet but their lack of tangibility and influence and destructive interaction with the world through a delusional evolving new age culture. How many good projects world wide never found ground nor development process as for lack of tangibility? it is not real that “the universe/god/nature/life just do not want it”. People do not take responsibility there for changes in their lifes, culture, society and world never take place, even technology, knowledgable people, and resources and time, have been addressed to them, and their locations at precise moments in time. If their love would have been tangible, their commitment would have been sustained in time, and produce an evolving development. But it wasnt, their presence have been only intentional, not even their own development is tangible, nor their ability to manage own individual process, preferences, choices, decisions, resources.So their presence in some projects world wide have only become death-weight, while hanging themselves on the impulse and tangible force of few, these individuals have achieved certain experiences, reached some information and even developed some skills, but as for reasons of their delussional development based on intentional, conceptual or emotional love they could never reach the clarity nor the understanding on what for those information, tools, or trainings where or are for. Give within a dream of a dreamer traveling within the dream land the key to a magic lift to bring him out of the dream world and training to open the door the next time the lift appears out of the bliss of the gods and goddesses in prime self union, and the dreamer will learn everything but will not only forget the key in the bar, but while walking the darkness of the forest dont give attention to the lift, then complain that beasts intent to kill him or that after falling in love with a flower, the dreamland seems to be an ideal place to live. There is nothing that can be done for any one that is sleeping. But you, you claim you do not sleep. Then why you do not think about tangible love and enter the path of divine action, divine perception and start to collaborate tangibly in the cocreation of a culture based on prime technology, prime love, a prime humanic culture? It is your choice… but remember..time pass, the field change, if you do not act now, the opportunity you had will not be there any more nor the project nor the work. THe world is not delussion, is dharma, is the path of the gods and goddesses in prime self union, union with the heart core of all that is = have been = will be, within your own heart. Never fall in denial or rejection of the world by perceiving it as only light, or illussion or energy. There is more for you to know…if you would free yourself from your dream… but not even a training will free your heart unless you realize the situation you are in..again information you received is apparently not enough, even the most powerful truths shown to your heart have no effect in your ability to act, tangible, apply all your learned into daily life… if you would notice how serious and delicated your condition is, you would decide to take responsibility inmediatly and wast no second, no minute… but you wonder, and wander in doubts… doubts are there only because you do not see your situation, otherwise you would act… you have been escaping from the truth, as for you would like to avoid the action path…you wish somebody else to do it for you…and that is the lie that you prefer to listen at. No one will do the path for your self, nor individually nor collectivelly, nor as family, nor as culture, nor as planet. But unless you do, nothing will change but get worst. Desempowerment takes place because you do not use the forces you have available within the field of your consciousness for the work; the more you reject self responsibility, the more you reject tangible action and tangible love, the more you escape from the truth that will change your life, the more you reject structure, wealth, discipline, organizations, culture, management, or ability to promote and bring the knowledge to the world, in all of these fields of life and existence you reject a thing, in those fields you will be desempowered and become slave from those that use the resources of your own consciousness without asking you for permission. If there is an abandoned land, every one will use it. Why do you complain somebody uses your land. You have not been desempowered, you did choose to dont use your land and let it abandoned, then nature and others will use it. Then you complain? why ? if you got enslaved in those fields of your consciousness, no wonder you find in those fields  a guru to follow to hang on. The path of self mastery means responsibility, spiritual self responsibility, honesty and self-empowerement. maybe this path is not for you. But if you want this path to be for you, something must change. What must change? is not the path, but your attitude, yourself.May the innermost sound of the heart’s core of prime source force of love and self love based consciousness be with you along your journey zero, to the truth of your situation of yourself, may you find the strength to see your condition, the destiny you create for your self and others in your lack of self responsibility, my the gods and goddesses in prime self union bliss you with the counted breaths of life that will give you the 9 divine chances to enter the path; may you find in your heart the tangibility today to enter the path now, may you realize time is a gift. To enter the path would be only the first step…will you wait in doubt for ever? know that you have only one life… the next one you will not be here any more. May the wisdom of the gods and goddesses in prime self union bring divine action to the prime culture, may the primes rise, and the golden age become an self-actualized experience, now = in the past and in the future. May your choices and consciouss efforts make it possible for you to reach the edges of the path again, find your magic key, and realize the lift appears in front of you some times, may you wake up within the dream, and enter the dharma of illussion consciously; may you go beyond power and fear and control and jeloussy..may your heart be pure as well as your deeds in order to enter the path of the gods and goddesses in prime self union. Be blessed! “- Prime Master Lumal Foda – GJO

The Journey – Advice from Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

“not every one you meet is your teacher. You are in a path of self-mastery, and must be capable to learn from every experience. It is you the one that learns from every thing and every one, by taking self responsibility. A master is one that consciously facilitates to you an experience, wisdom, knowledge, technology, a master is one that brings you to a consciousness field through a process designed for that purpose, a master cares and acts consciouslly, its/his/hers intent is to bring you into a state of union with allthatis=havebeen=willbe=now, prime self union. That you must realize that even you are in front or interaction with a master, you are still, you will be, and have been, in the path of self-mastery taking responsibility of own self. Your ability to be self-master does not make from every experience, thing and moment a master, but what they are, an experience, a thing, a moment. There is not desempowerment that can take place when you meet a master, unless you stop taking self responsibility of own journey by own choice. The same apply by interaction with any type of interdimensional being or spirit. Where the knowledge of a self-master comes from: your own core, within your own heart, the sacred innermost space of your heart in union with the source of allthatis=havebeen=willbe=now. Use your words wisely, by calling master to some one that act unrespomsibly, unconsciously, not caring, you empower individuals that have not the vibrational field necessary to uplift you or support you in your journey. A Master in PrimeTech, is dedicated to play a role which is temporary, bringing you by, by design, all that is necessary for you to become a self-master according to his/her/its own knowledge; he/she/it cocreates also with you the journey you are in based on interaction of your both consciousness fields. It is a conscious choice to interact with a master by giving to him/her/it the role of one in your life. May the innerverse,nanoverse,digiverse,fractoverse,holoverse,multiverse,quantumverse,divineverse,primeseverse through expression of own nature and wisdom bring to you in your life a master, observe this individual carefully and decide according to your own heart, divine heart, stream of life, if his/hers/its presence in your life makes sense to your dreams, visions, aims, values, process of awakening, self-transformation, knowledge, light, darkness or ignorance. Work out your own life, embrace in you all that is=havebeen=willbe=now that brings you in the resonance field or blessing field. Know that you might have done nothing at all to deserve that instant, moment, or time lapse, in order to receive the blessing of interacting with a master; act by being yourself centered in divine knowledge, divine perception; realize time of interaction is a gift, and the conditions for you to interact will not be there for ever as they are now. Be ready to change all that in your life takes place but not change your core life trace and stream, keep flowing in your true life, and notice how a master supports you flow in your real life. As soon as you feel more and more in your own ground, your master will show you many moments where you achieve readiness at certain stage of his/her/its path; while also signing to you all the journey and the destination still to come. Be aware at every stage, and choose at every milestone again, your own path, within your heart and divine heart, in alignment with divine purpose, and ask yourself, how this master can or is supporting you, and what you are not perceiving how this master is or could support you. Sometimes a closed door is more help to you than an open one. Be ready to experience that your master might do things, create experiences you might not prefer or not like now, but in his/her/its wisdom, this experiences are necessary for you. A master might on purpose do something or not do something your would prefer or not as for your level of capacity, readiness or self-responsibility. That you are alive doesnt mean you are ready for all experiences, knowledge, wisdom, technology a master could share or bring by or transfer to you. Remember it is the master responsibility to choose who is self responsible enough to receive a practice, method, experience or technology; according to the foundation a master sees in you, the master will decide. Be grateful for all the masters does and sees in you. In the path of self mastery no one decides over you; there for you must as well walk a path of honor, respecting every one in own journey and self responsibility according to own knowledge. Receive , learn, explore, play, enjoy the journey. Honor your master by accepting his/her/its wisdom and choices, including to give or not give, do or not do, welcome or not welcome, be there for you or not being there for you. Everything a master does, have been done, will be done, now consciously for the purpose of brining you to your own journey into prime self union, union with the source of all that is=havebeen=willbe=now. Give yourself to your own journey, to your own path as self-master, and enter the experiences and processes you feel you would like to choose by taking total responsibility of them. May all take place as you plan, wish, expect or not, it does not matter. It is not your plan that creates the knowledge awakening within your heart, but your presence in every instant, and ability to self-embrace in love, self-love, and divine love your whole self and life now=inthefuture=inthepast, that creates your journey. Be present in your heart and divine heart by taking 100% responsibility of your own journey. Play with all that is and cocreate, and if you ever meet a master that gives attention to you for a moment, be grateful, as time is a gift. Remember the fact you are alive gives you no right to decide on any thing that life gives to you, unless created by your own elements and your own heart within your own life; there is nothing you have right to take, but to welcome and receive in the stream of love. Honor the place you live at, the people, life, by being truth to yourself, by being yourself, honestly, show who you are and let the other one choose, as freedom only takes place within the field of truth. So never complain the master has qualities or behaviour you do not prefer, it is an act of respect to your life, preferences and choices, the master show all he/she/is now for you to choose. But also know, human kind changes like weather, seasons, like own thoughts, emotions, feelings, body changes. We, our cells die every day, we rebirth every day, we self generate, self recreate every day. Be grateful for your live, honor life, be fully yourself, explore in all you are; but commit to life, life care. Maybe you did not realize it yet, but you are mean to walk the path of divine action, by engaging into divine perception and divine self responsibility; realize that the 9 stages of love, the 5 stages of the development, will bring you to the ability to express yourself as you really in truth are. Remember the fact you are alive and borned in the filed of consciousness of all that is=havebeen=willbe, does not make from you yet a master. The day will come in which you will realize the responsibility towards yourself that means to become one, a master of life. The fact that you are expression of the divine field of consciousness of all that is=havebeen=willbe, does not mean yet that you are living in alignment with divine principles nor living a path of divine action or with divine perception. Know you are for what you do, in every instant, with yourself, with the one(s) you love, with your family, with your community and culture, with your nation, with your land, with your world, with your journey, with the quantumverse, with all that is=havebeen=willbe=now. There are certainly several qualities of life, presence and energy, choose in your life path the one you would prefer. Realize there is a great difference between a stone that is already enlightened and a human being that lives mechanically as a stone, letting time pass and being dissolved in the space of all that is. In order to be alive, you must not only live with your heart, and all you want, but know what life is by knowing your true self, in the core of all that is=havebeen=willbe=now. Remember always that worst than fear to samsara is the fear to enlightenment. Never trapped yourself in a story, a belief, a path or a field of knowledge, as for its useful mean for your daily life or political or cultural views. Know that all changes in time, including laws, values and rights, governments and power roles. As all changes, stay in the field of knowledge that never changes, and act according to your divine perception, divine heart; by living in divine action do all that needs to be done by you, the quantumverse will answer, your quantum self will react and act with you. Know yourself in inner oneness and take total self responsibility of your own multidimensional self. become one within your own innerverse and quantumverse, in order to reach divine heart consciousness. In order to live as a divine being, you must live in divine action, by applying divine knowledge and divine technology. By being present in all you are, naturally expressing the quality of consciousness you are. The in-pulse and pulse of divine heart based consciousness and bliss will make from you, your instant, your day, your life, your lifes, your self expressions, your path. Be wise by taking responsibility of your own journey” _ Odin Theta Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 2015.04.26.hel

(ENQUIRE) Kindness or Honesty – THE FIELD OF THE WORK

When interested or curious about the field of the work, one must immediately take self responsibility.

If you are curious about love making, the 9 dances of love will bring you to the core essential principles of life in relation to love making but as well to a deeper self knowledge, of your soul, of your divine self.

There is a journey for you there, at the field of the work. But then, how do you feel about the possibility to experience self love and love, while making love. Would that meditative conscious love making with the divine heart change anything in your life?

To taste means to know…but what if you are not ready to taste? how to know if you are ready and what to be ready means?


One of the most important challenges of humanity is fear, as in its many forms, creates separation between ourselves, our life process, the clarity of our own status or condition and situations or circumstances that triggers a mirror in us.

Life in principle is a mirror that call in us for self-responsibility over our perceptions, pattern of thinking, and doing.

Within the space of interaction between our own male and female inner selfs, and our past, present and future, at that instant, there is one field in which we need to be completely honest.

Unless that honesty is there one will follow any kind of distraction created by our fears or subconscious mind, that will drive us away from the truth.


Knowledge is not information, nor experience nor a point of view nor a concept nor scientific register of matter conditions or process. Knowledge and wisdom as love and self love take place when  a state of the mind and heart and whole being is there. A state of consciousness.

A non dual approach to life will embrace both sensation of comfort and discomfort, as both of them having the same taste. How could that be possible? for that answer one must reach a non dual state.

But what about feelings? if one feels does not want to do something and any way do? or if one prefers something better than other thing? or if one …

There are always for all things in life reasons why our intellect, family patterns, culture or any other idea, concept or preference will tell us to avoid certain experiences or people. If ourselves can not handle even the idea to go there, then one should not go.


When people do act or choose out of kindness (social politeness), or because of friends that went there (inclusion), or  because would like to please others ( putting other as reference for own choices) then in the field of the work, by behaving in this mode, making choices in this approach, one risk to make a great mistake.

The mistake is to avoid to listen something else within. As honesty must be first, and the ability to do what feels right. No matter how the world like our choices or not, or if the world falls out of our choice.

The ability to listen challenge us in the ability to do according to our inner heart without caring of any social, cultural or intellectual convention.

When one acts in this field of honesty, one can reach clarity as for the following experiences to unfold, on what we do actually prefer. This clarity is key as then and only then we can see, sense, experience, who we are and what we do.

Once this point have been reached, the idea of non dual perception, action, being, makes sense, otherwise it would become only a simple concept far in the distance from your possibilities.

3. MIND, HEART OR DIVINE PERCEPTION? conceptual spirituality vs spiritual experience

But the mind is not the final end of the road. The intellect can create many frames, even non dual frames which will give the illusion of reaching non duality as for the play with ideas but not on the core experience of yourself and of life.

One must go beyond the intellect, the mind in order to know. When at the field of experience one sense own self being, and sense with own heart, then one knows immediately what is all about.

The mystical experience of the heart is non conceptual, but can be easily described by using symbolic language, and must, as language is integrated to life and nature of self possibility.

The creational force of the heart, its ability of manifestation thanks to the integration of both male and female, in a state of joy and gratefulness, self love and love for all that is as it is.

Divine perception embraces all that is… now ask yourself, can you?

While a trainer or teacher can be in a state of divine perception, does he/she/it  needs to embrace you? yes, as an expression of love, but how would that embrace look like? for each case is different… as love for you at your stage in your journey must take a form necessary for the next stage… you are different than others, why would you need the same?  but from your side, before you wish for anything coming out of your teacher or trainer you must first know how you feel and if it is the right time for you to  join the work, it means…can you embrace or intent to embrace and love all in yourself? if you have not even arrived to this question, then you must.

If the answer to the question is NO. then you must know at the field of the work you will be requested to, as the path we walk is into divine perception and action, the ability to embrace in self love and love all that you are, is mandatory. If you are ready to build that ability up and along the process know yourself or you do not prefer to do so, at this point in time before you enter the field of the work, you must know.


The preliminary practices and introductory experiences have been designed for you to experience yourself within the field of the work, and know, choose, decide if you are ready and feel right about the journey and your relationship with the instructor, trainer or teacher.

You need to taste in order to know, the field of the work, through preliminary or introductory experiences. But if does not taste good now, then it is not the right time for you. If you feel conflict, then listen to it and take time for yourself in your life to feel that conflict and work it out, if not through preliminary practices, through own life.

It is your responsibility to choose and decide if you feel right in all you do. as well as your right to feel right now and not right later. While consistency is necessary, individual consciousness, and status change, there for life also change, and relationship to the field of the work also change.

At certain point you will realize that so far your shifts between likes and dislikes create your reality and changes in it, or your world limits its self to only what you prefer in polarity to what you do not prefer, then your choice will be still half of the reality you are. How do you pretend to be happy  with only half of yourself?


Non dual approach helps our perception to be clean and objective. The process necessary to reach non dual perception is within each individual available, the condition is honesty regarding what all that is, have been and will be is. The truth on human conditions and nature of life.

The likes or dislikes, preferences, comfortable or not comfortable feelings, belong to our own dual perception of our inner experiences and outer conditions or life process and perceptions.

But perception is still operating in the field of the mind unless is perception of the heart or of our consciousness. When you see with the eyes you know how it feels, but it feels different if you see with your whole being or more different if you see with the mind, but when you see with your heart, you know how the quality of experience changes, now do a step beyond and see with divine heart.


Starting for the ability to embrace our own strength and weakness, perfection and un-perfections, light and darkness as both sourced from the same core, our own inner heart, the heart centre that is the origin and destiny of our life, the pulsing centre that recreated our body and experience of life, our consciousness field.

By knowing individual nature beyond its organic qualities but by knowing its totality, its 100%, not only its matter disassociated from consciousness, feeling, emotions, intellect, mind and time but no time; one can reach by all means the state of seeing both sides of perception, there at that edge, where the light and darkness have been seen together, when the sun does not blind us from the truth nor the moon blind us from the nature of its light, nor the light blind us from its shadows, at that point of consciousness, one might be at that instant capable to see the truth of own self.

This process of knowing own self is necessary and can not be done with a dislike or not preference that blind you or a like or preference that blind you, it must be objective, regarding the nature of both, which is requires from the individual not only self observation,  under several circumstances, but as well of a centre stable in a state of consciousness which is non dual, and beyond non dual, which is heart based and beyond, divine based.

7. HEART is not a caring thing

The Heart based love is not a caring flow that tries no one to suffer and to heal everything and that every one feels good. The heart is beyond feeling good or not good. The heart knows that for living a life the human consciousness need to be upgraded and unless a shift takes place, the spoiled child will always be spoiled and the thin skin will be always thin.

The heart must love and self love, in the raw nature of all that is, of all we are, and embrace it all, but also know that for the path and living @ the field of the work, certain level of self confidence, and self respect,  self worth,  self care, self-awareness, self trust, self enjoyment, self alignment with divine source is necessary.

Eventually empowering experiences will become transformational and one will change, reaching a new level of strength and abilities to love, beyond caring for the one to be loved to feel fine or not with our love and life.

Once a child has learned the fire burns, there is no need for the parents to repeat or forbid. But would you help the child to learn it or let it alone for exploring whole life on fire?

There is a time for everything, and for certain experiences too long time isnt necessary.  Or are you still trying to find out if fire burns?


Self-experience is necessary, but if self motivation and self alignment isnt there, your choices for self experience will be as limited as your motivation and intention.

In the field of the work, a trainer, instructor or teacher will bring you closer to the possibility to experience and if your find self motivation you will do experience, then learn what is necessary to be learned at each step of your journey.


The answer is always the same, be honest. What is that sensation of comfort or lack of comfort? where it comes from? which is that edge? what is there beyond? why would you like to experience or explore yourself for a moment on the edge of beyond, what can you learn from the experience, which is the state of consciousness  you have while asking, do you love yourself and embrace all yourself or just love some parts of yourself. How to reach non dual perception if can only embrace little bits of yourself. If your whole self is not involved in your own journey, how can you claim you travel at all?


You start by experiencing yourself, the field of life where your own life is taking place.