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99 Luftballons

will we be back in 2015 ? The lifestyle travelers club….

The radio production project started in year 2000 in Southamerica, in 2001 we had 3hrs radio twice a week,with music from all around the world, interviews to travelers and sustainable development issues for discussion; later in 2005 i will produce video or mp3 radio tracks of 30 min tp 90 min, including subjects related to self-awareness applied, heart based living, sustainable living and my own music.

In 2013, i decided to create a new version of travelers on air, a new idea that would bring colour to the lifestyle travelers club.

The Travelers on Air production will be shared on FB as a FB Page, and on Twitter.

Lifesytle travelers guests, music from all around the world on video, articles for discussion, and other publications and digital materials that will be available on our FB page all the time.

Would you like to listen to our music, just come by and play it at FB Travelers on air.

Your host, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

lets dance in town, isnt the city dark enough for our souls to go dance and sparkle light in the hearts of lovers?


I may be a freak, but i am the dust of the dessert, that touches your soft skin, the sponge of the spume bath, the rouge of your lipstick…

what is human nature…. but pure love


What is love?


shake it !

When the heart is warm, but the land gets cold, is as bacause your skin is missed

and mama said…

come here, let me bring you into trip, among the stars…

When ever you have been, i have been with you, what ever you have been, i have created you…

It is here where you will find the answer, the path and the heart, within your own heart, the knowledge of who you are, in prime self union

when your head fades away, it is the time to connect it with your heart

without pain you never make yourself happy, without love

be tender, treat me softly …

listen to your heart …

Around the world only time moves the clock around

harder better faster stronger,,,,

Lets make love… digital !

Which is your legacy….

Which is the game you gonna play ?

which is the world you are living in?

What are you running for…


what do you know about sex

i am out of time…

all is full of love

What is hidden ?

just give me a reason

(ENQUIRE) The 90.9.1 Principle: Human species

If one would decide to consider, out of human consciousness, behaviour, preferences, choices, respons-ability, one could as i do, reach, after severak years, to the conclusion there are several human kind species on earth.

The first clasification of them, i would like to suggest, is described by the numbers 90,9,1

90% of human kind shares a particular perception, approach and engagement into human species life, which shows very little responsibility or interest in such

09% shows more responsibility but a great dedication to conflict and power

01% shows responsibility but is more dedicated to union with a primordial knolwedge or core principle or field of consciousness of the source of all that is and has been and will be.

These three species, are a very simple self-organized structure of human kind, may be more subspecies, but in general is the situation human species survival need to care of

The % described apply in any field human kind evolves or developes, from wealth, power, arrts, science, knowledge, culture, at any field the 90.9.1 Principle will be found!

Inter-breed, domination between species? , may history tell us, what is about to take place.


Valqyrie Program – Complementary Information

The Valqyrie will learn the whole training program for trainers as well.

As for every internship program, there are stages or fields of development or qualities of training provided at the Valqyrie Program:

Valqyrie are also eligible as members of the Council of the primes, and wifes of Odin Theta  or Helios members.
One of the main ideas behind the Valqyrie and Helios Programs are to empower women and men in the art of prime love and hold a space for them to come together; if their hearts resonances is there, they will eventually engage and create a golden sphere of love.
Holds the mystery and knowledge of the Valqyrie and represent their path of self mastery into prime love, in prime self union.


I AM ORGANIZING A FUNDING ONLINE CAMPAIGN FOR OUR VIDEO/MEDIA MATERIALS. I will appreciate so much volunteers to collaborate with the campaign.

My vision is that peace will take place permanently when human kind realizes it is itself also an expression of nature, which means the natural awakening of the ability to give value to collaboration and co-creation with nature forces, presence in natural harmony, life care, culture and heritage.

I just realized there is no better place where to bring human kind nature laws and principles than into the field of meditative conscious love making; not only at the instant of love making but within the field of love making through whole life, through dances, massage, daily life decisions, choices, and activities.

But how to bring the ability of conscious love making for peace by to human kind?

Beside personalized advice, organic experiential training and online based self study materials,i would like to reach a wider audience that is capable of self-mastery, self-education, by giving to them media (including video) based self education materials.


Your support will help us reach world women and men support circles and organizations, NGOs dedicated to gender, conscious sexuality, family, peace, life care, youth clubs, schools, universities, and families associations, and every one interested into responsible parenting, family, community, culture and life care.

1 Video clip of 9 minutes could change human kind life and bring individuals and families to new qualities of joy and happiness, as well of self-mastery, natural self-enjoyment and new emotional abilities and self-awareness which will empower them to care for life.

Founder Foreplay Society
All you need is love campaign


REBLOGED ( REF the book by same author: 9 Genders)



There is a new letter that has been added to the Multicolours Movement, it is taking place now:


Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer

There is a reason why there is not an S at the end: “Straight”

Human bodies, in its two wonderful complementary forms, are for sure an experience every one in love, need to have, for some time at least.

There are many forms of expressing the inner male and female principles, some look for expressing more Androgen, others male other female or combinations of them…

starting from the point of perception that discovers an inner female within a male body and an inner male within the female body, the potential permutations and stress on qualities seems to be defined by the 9 genders, 9 possible lifestyles for love

In Essence, love has nothing to do with our bodies… so why then to regulate with whom to spend a life or “a companion to walk with along the line of the hands”.

Love we do not choose, but lifestyle, and sex practices.

The question about if sex, in any of its forms, need to be forcelly integrated into the experience of marriage or love-union… i guess this will sound X-treme for some, but, why to take it for granted?

For those that are familiar with yoga and energy centers in the body, knows that certain sexual practices between males wont really help their energy, awakening or emotional balance.

The same apply for women.

In addition, there is a female and male essence (Ref, Taosim and other sacred love practices) that is nurturing, for our bodies and psychology, and emotions, that can only be generated (within ourselves, some of it) and provocated (in the others body), through a sexual experience that involves the art of sacred love, it means love.

There are few circles of people i know, that consider love as a sexual practice, dedicated to nurture the individual and bring him/her/it back to balance; and into a personal development process into completion, integration of male and female principles, union, in love, within ourselves.

This type of essence, is necessary for male-female inner balance in each individual, independently of the body-gender they have or prefer to have sex with or to choose/experience to be in love with.

In other words, and it is a more transparent practice nowadays, some gays that are clearly gays, will have sometimes sex with women, as well as lesbian will do with male. It is, within the GLBTQ community probably a “not public” practice, but natural for many of its members, as it brings individuals back to a natural balance, chemichally, emotioanlly, energetically. So, some members of the GLBTQ community have also special sexual friends.

Back to the question about marriage and love?

Consider the multiculturality of our world, all different types of races…

Isnt that clear that our world needs to evolve in terms of individuals ability of integration, inclusion, acceptance, self-expression?

I feel, as i have been sharing on our forums, that sexual education in our modern culture is pivotal for global cultural development, of a society based on equality, autenthicity and natural love. Which means a love not limited to the form of the body/gender.

There are more than sexual reasons to work on that field, humanity did skip matturity in that level of self-education. there for we have great leaders, visionaries, spiritual leaders, great human charity, collaboration, wonderful art and culture, amazing expressions of individualism and great capacity of materialism… but there is always something missed:

The ability of communication, collaboration, cocreation, which is developed in the field and time for love, which involves self-love and mastering of own inner male and female principles. Where equality can be found, not in the male-female body-gender forms, but in the essence of what it means to be human and become capable to love.

I perceive that the GLBTQ and i will add an A (Androgen) community, has a pivotal role for the matturity of a primitive humanity.

As these individuals were brave enough to live at the edge of their society and time, to dedicate themselves for LOVE and exploring in their own male and female self-expressions and possibilities.

Saddly, the diferent cultures and religions of the world, intent to keep themselves in obscurantism, like in the dark ages, taking for unexistant a very old and ancient practice: sexual self-expression and love beyond body-gender.

Japanesse samurais, yoga practices, ancient greeks, even in gods and goddesses mythology, the art of love was suggested as free of body-gender. As love doesnt need any.

As i said, the GLBTQA community world wide have been fighting alot for their rights, and for caring for each other, it is a wonderful community, if somebody have had the possibility to join them in their celebrations, they are sensitive and caring, sharing with capacity of love and understanding and free of judgement beyond differences…

within the GLBTQA community world wide you can experience a quality of humanity that have been losted, forgotten and that is extremly needed in our times.

I do not wonder, but would ask you to wonder,: if that quality is easily approachable, through the ability to be love and to love, without conditionating your mind or body or limiting it to only one sexual/love alternatives?

Isnt that quality the one that all sages of all times have been suggesting? from spiritual awakening to advanced moral, to the most complex laws, to the most ideal and utopic society?

So, if you ask me, about marriage? my answer is simple, there is only one letter missed, in order to make from this planet a place where sustainable living and sustainable development is possible thanks to a matture advanced human culture:

GLBTQA is missing the “S” in order to become fully human and complete!
PS: Some letter that have not been used yet that in following years will need to be integrated to the gender equation:

X : refering to X people ( the other ones, with alternative sexual practices which imply variety of forms of love, may be here listed as well S&M, and Mystic Love, Interdimensional, and others)
9: refering to gods and goddesses in a state of sacred union, integration within own male and female principle, immersed in union with prime self-loving love source. considering union with the source of all that is=havebeen=willbe=now the essence of their lifestyle and love relationships
P: Post humans, artificially created by science, or naturally ascended. the Idea of posthumanism and transhumanism applyed here give us a new challenge for gender. this is the new player in thr zone

The Rose of Love: The Method, Its rules, preliminary practices and edge zones

The Rose of Love: The Method, Its rules, preliminary practices and edge zones